Wednesday, May 31, 2006


pulled an all-nighter in the kitchen with two fellow convicts. we decided since it was already 5 a.m. and exams start at 9.30 a.m. no point in sleeping right? so we made spaghetti + coffee and watched a korean horror movie. then resumed studies. kekeke.

9.30 a.m. : sat for exams. harder than past two years.
2.00 p.m. : sat for 2nd paper of the day- see why we pulled that all-nighter?

after exams came home and crashed for about 2 hours. then me, myself and i, alone resumed studies as i had another paper the very next day. tho i had seniors to teman me in the kitchen(studying for a 9 a.m. paper the next day).
studied until 3 a.m. then called it a night and went to bed with full intention of waking up at 8 a.m. to resume studies for my 2.00 p.m. thermodynamics paper.

5.00 a.m. : after two hours of sleep my empty stomache wakes me up and wont let me sleep. so
FINE. 3 hours ahead of schedule i return to the kitchen, made breakfast and studied
right until 12.30 p.m.
2.00 p.m. : sat for thermodynamics paper

came home, thought i could crash but nope didnt turn out like i expected. due to miscom and bad timing i had to go to work(my shifts are on wed and thurs. but i had asked someone else to fill this wed for me. but basically miscom, no one's fault)

surprisingly hyper whilst working- the coffee from tuesday morning must've started to kick in.
that night i slept at 8 a.m. woke up at 3 p.m. the same day and went for work again. muahahahaha.

all in all, during that short exam period i slept for a total of 11 out of 70 possible hours.
ignoring thursday, then its 4 hours out of 55 hours
so THIS is what university is all about. hahahahaha

this is what you get when your university crams all your 5 exams papers into a one week period :)

Thank you Lord for giving me strength. especially on wendesday when it was like friday the 13th for me. one bad thing after another- which i wont go into detail. but it really thought me to rejoice in the Lord in EVERYTHING, good or bad.

now im free as a bird but my body clock is all haywire :s

Thursday, May 18, 2006

just keep swimming..

slept at 5 + a.m. woke up at 8 a.m. sat for exam at 9.30 a.m.

just finished my 1st paper half an hour ago and now im in the library chilling for a bit before i start the next round of studying. SIGH.

if only i drank coffee, REAL coffee.
haha, whats funny is my friends bought like a big cannister of coffee yesterday- signs that their preparing to study. ok its not really funny at all, but i think its worth a giggle. or a 'heh' at LEAST.

ok im babbling. i better move on to fluid mechanics now. tomorrow is a new day, and a new paper -_-" whoopdedoo!

just keep studying, just keep studying, just keep studying, studying, studying
sang to the tune of 'just keep swimming' by dory from nemo

sorry about the lack of variation in blog material. hahaha, my life is currently consumed with studies *yea i know YOU know cos i keep telling ya'

i need sleep.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i have just spent NINE AND A HALF HOURS in the library. (1.30p.m. - 11.00 p.m.)

that's a first.

so tired from doing calculations all day, i misread the no.82 bus for 112. how did i get from 82 to seeing 112? oh man, i need a break.

tough luck girl, you got N-O-N-E.

uni is hard work. damn my "packed sardine" exam timetable

but yahoo cos i'll be done even before some of them start. the boys are expecting me to cook for them after my exams are clear. cos theirs will be starting. HA HA HA.

well im gonna hit the sack. it's back to the library tomorrow. oh JOY !

full-on nerd mode baby.

forgive me for the "bullet points", im too tired to be cheong hei. HAHA, i know your thanking God right now.

gotta jet.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

옆차기 on the side

ive created another blog. its done. its done

its sort of an "on-the-side" blogtoy for when i get bored of this polka-dotted bloghusband of mine and have the urge to stray.

dont worry kids, i wont be leaving this one.
only once in a while when i need a change of scene. :)

Disclaimer: I'm talking blogs here. I do not support extra-marital affairs and polygamy in any way. Remember, when it comes to marraige, monogamy is the way to go, baby.
(what?! there are alot of impressionable kids out there ma. hehe. you never know who's reading)


on an unrelated note:

got pampered by my dear chi-muis(sisters) a.k.a room 7 and 4 today.

banned from washing my hair for two days, i was really really re-hee-hee-heally DESPERATE for clean hair.

and afraid that i'd scratch my head wound if i washed it on my own, they decided they would wash my hair for me ;p ilek. jealous leh~

got the full hair salon treatment- head massage, towel around my shoulders pinned down with a clothespeg and all that jazz- all the while avoiding the sore spot.

looking back, i dont really see the sense with them washing my hair for me
but haha wtv man, i got a free head massage!

thanks babes: yenny and shirley!

and because i wasted the whole of today (i.e. not studying) im punishing myself - off to the library tomorrow! boo hoo~

pray people, that i wake up :)

oh also i thought id share a verse from the Bible which i came across the night my head got banged up.

Psalm 4:

verse 1
" Answer me when i call,
Oh God who declares me innocent.
Take away my distress.
Have mercy on me and hear my prayer."

verse 4
" Don't sin by letting anger gain control over you.
Think about it overnight and remain silent."

verse 7-8
" You have given me greater joy
than those who have abundant harvests of grain and wine.
I will lie down in peace and sleep,
for You alone, O Lord, will keep me safe."

Thank you Lord.

this verse touched me in more ways than one. i wont elaborate but its all related to my accident as you prolly can tell.

i've forgiven their thoughtless act. im a happy girl:)
and altho i never complained to them/superintendant, when i used that route again theyd opened the window over a grassy patch(where no one walks) rather than the one next to the pathway.(they have three windows all-in-all

God works in mysterious ways, no? :)

and no, im not gonna nit-pick on why they didnt just open the other window in the 1st place. *snigger*

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Twice too many


second time! this is the second time its happened!

1st time wasnt too bad, because i wasnt bleepin' bleeding!

aaarrghhhh.. i want heads to roll for this. CIS.

confused? let me fill you in..

earlier, i was on my way for a dance meeting to buy the DVD to the dance show i performed in.. i usually pass this fairly narrow walkway next to one of the houses in the student village. the stupid NO SENSE occupants just HAD to open their windows to its widest degree so that it sticks out right smack in the middle of the walkway in mid air. (the type of window where you push out from the bottom and it opens outwards from under and not on its side like most msian windows)

im SHORT see, so when i looked down for a moment to place my keys in my bag, i only see the ground and the window is not within my view point. i repeat, im SHORT and i wasnt looking in front of me. then BAM! *Houston we have contact* my head kissed the POINTY EDGE of the window. HARD.

well I hit it hard enough for the entire palm of my hand to be covered in blood after thinking "not again!" and reaching for the wound on reflex.

ok. this is definately worse than before( before- explained after this)

so i walk as fast as i can back to the hse, reaching into my bag for my keys, careful not to soil my bag with my own BLOOD. haha. right, and that's really whats important *rolls eyes* haha

hahahaha. thing is the faster i walked the faster the blood seemed to flow down my face.

by the time i asked my friend for help i could actually see the blood dripping down the side of my face(i wear glasses ma, so can see blood flowing down the lens)

you know what my friend told me? cos i caught him unawares, he actually tought i was dying my hair and the blood was dye that got out of control and i was asking for his help.

luckily there was another guy around who used to be a bio student and he did volunteer work in the medical field.

he cleaned my wound..awww..(the kitchen looked like a makeshift mid-war medical facility, blood on the floor, blood soaked toilet paper etc haha thank God- no lost limbs).. and since we had no anticeptic at that time we used good old JACK DANIEL'S whiskey sitting atop the fridge. the guys sometimes put it into the vege we eat while cooking dinner. it tastes like YUCK.

later we put on proper anticeptic and that purple coloured medicine thingy. luckily im not blonde so it doesnt show. im told i cant wash my hair for the next two days :( dammit

one of my friends asked me to sleep it off(since its not that deep of a cut, i dont need to go to the hospital) but im not going to sleep cos im afraid i might not wake up. muahahahaha result of watching much too much t.v.

and yes, i MEANT to write 'much too much'

the cut's not THAT bad.

during my easter hols, while walking back home from a trip to the car boot sales i hit my forehead on the same opened window. (forehead cos i was caught in midway of looking up) but all i got from that was a light scratch, some light window 'indentation' and a little blood.

childsplay. but still, i was pissed.

so my issue is. that is a (!!!!) walkway people! you dont open your window that big if its right smack in the middle of a path! i might have been careless but you're still not supposed to do that!

aahhhh. and ive gotta work tomorrow. do chinese take-aways have a lot of bacteria floating in the air?

i need to study. but im so not in the mood right now. there's this dull pain in my head.
and i dont wanna sleep cos i might bleed on my pillow. tho i think its stopped now. but still, i need to study laaa~~

Monday, May 08, 2006

Humour in Thermodynamics

thought classes are dull, you've got to thank God for lecturers with a sense of humour.

my thermodynamics lecturer is one of them and in the thick of all the mundane theory about open and closed systems and the 4 laws of thermodynamics etc, sat, a gem of a joke.

and a relavant joke at that.

it goes like this:

A thermodynamics professor had written a take home exam for his graduate students. It had one question:
" Is hell exothermic or endothermic? Support your answer with a proof."

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we postulate that if souls exist, then they must have some mass. If they do, then a mole of souls can also have a mass. So, at what rate are souls moving into hell and at what rate rate are souls leaving?

I think we can safely assume that once a soul gets into hell, it will not leave. Therefore no souls are leaving.

As for souls entering hell, lets look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to hell. Since, there are more than one of these religions and people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all people and all souls go to hell.

With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in hell to increase exponentially.

Now, we look at the rate of change of volume in hell. Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in hell to stay the same, the ratio of mass of souls and volume needs to stay constant.

Thus, there are two possibilities:
  • If hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter hell, then the temperature and pressure in hell will increase until all hell breaks loose.
  • If hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until hell freezes over.

If we accept the postulate given to me by a young lady during my 1st year, "It will be a cold night in hell before i sleep with you", then number 2 above is not true and so hell is exothermic.

muahahaha.. geddit? if not, no worries. its relies heavily on thermodynamic theory ma. Justin will definately understand. kekeke.

Sorry la people, im studying thermo now ma..exams are COMINGGG! save yourselves! aaahhhhrrghhhhh...*mass hysteria*

actually its only one person's hysteria. hehe. pardon the nonsense, exams ma..exams..

Saturday, May 06, 2006

you might as well know

yes, yes.. since coming to UK i haven't been able to fit into two pairs of unstrecthable jeans brought over from msia. Hand me down bottoms from my cousin which i had struggled to fill( but still look great as loose trousers so i brought them over) i now do with ease.


and i have JUST realised that i can no longer see my collarbone.

this is getting out of hand.
Guys, help me on this one, aren't collarbones supposed to be sexy? muahahhahhahaha.

must lose weight or not face endless fat-kid jokes from friends and family alike who have never seen me with meat on my bones.

you guys cant really see the change because i havent been posting up recent pictures cos well my stupid multiply keeps dying on me. i have given up trying to post pictures. you guys are prolly better off not knowing anyway..haha.

it's actually all part of my shock and er... awe(??) tactic

sigh, mama!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

caught in the line of fire

Politics get in the way of everything.

and now its in the way of my exams. -.-"

basically the AUT(Association of University teachers) are disputing their pay.

for us students this whole issue started as a free day off as:
"...on March the 7th lecturers, researchers and academic related staff throughout the UK had a day of strike action."
so no classes :)

yippee! for us right? yea, sure. until it bites you right smack in the tush.
"This was followed by an assessment boycott, which began on March 8th and is to continue until the dispute is resolved. "

AUT members have been advised to boycott:
1. Setting examination questions
2. Setting examination papers
3. Nominating external examiners
4. Dealing with examination administration
5. Marking all final assessments (so final degrees and Masters and doctoral and research vivas)
6. Invigilating any examination
7. Attending examination and progression boards.”

So now, although i have an exam timetable (my "supposed" last paper is on the 24th of may) our exam papers have not been prepared and more likely than not- if this situation continues- we wont have any exams during the exam period set and rather it will be pushed BACK to the end of june. RIGHT. and what happens to my return flight sceduled for the 10th of june?
do i cancel? or do i take my chances and hope the situation clears up VERY SOON? in any case, there is a chance i might be penalised for cancelling my current booking(i havent checked it out yet)

lucky me, i bear credentials that places me on the losing end of this whole fiasco. I'm a 1st year INTERNATIONAL student. firstly, 1st years are at the bottom rung of the university pecking order and the year 3 and 2's are given more priority which is why their papers have already been set. 2ndly im not a local, so its not a matter of my parents driving me back here when the university is done with setting the exam questions. i need to fly over, and the last time i checked, flights arent exactly cheap.

wow! what a flying start to my bachelor's degree.

excuse my sarcasm.

maybe im biased seeing as its my academic future their putting on the line here(yea i know, i cringe at this sentence as well. haha). but somehow i feel its all quite childish coming from a group of respected people armed with doctorates and anything academically brag-worthy.

ok, ok im being over-dramatic. granted. but, isnt drama the only way of getting a point across? like say, a boycott? heh.

my parents didnt break their backs to pay my tuition just for you to muck it up.

you refers to the university big-wigs who refuse to budge on the pay claim.

words in green are excerpts taken from here