Monday, August 08, 2005


I see now..

...and somehow i cant stop smiling


but in a good way. ;)

currently trying to suppress laughter from bubbling out.

reality just bit me in the ass. hard.
in the form of a JUSTIN.
im leaving in 6 weeks. he means well, bless him. :)

whatever it is;
i really dont know what tomorrow will bring but i'll gladly be content with the NOW.

cheers to you, my confused reader. :)

Friday, August 05, 2005

a hint of emo..


september is coming soon.

i am not ready.

that thing surrounded by a ribcage we call a heart, aches.

i dont want to leave, really. :(

but i know i must.

... must i?


wake me up when september ends.


{if green day's song were actually playing right now, i just might cry.}

{thank God they play Light&Easy over here. heh.}

{and pls, that coloured, pathetic rant above is NOT my pathetic attempt at a poem. im not THAT emo}

wa-hey, but look on the bright side...loads of hot, curly-haired guai lous.

too bad, thats not looking very tempting right now.

hey u know what, i actually feel better. hahaha. temporary lapse of sanity.

i wonder if i have the guts to post this.

i do.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

An ode to THE DRIVERS.

haha. in light of the recent increament in petrol price by 10 cents a litre, im thinking that now is the most apporapriate time to give a big SHOUTOUT of public appreciation to my drivers. ehehe

1st Male lead: Justin
Image hosted by

an unpaid and mentally harassed driver. haha

An A&W bear in human skin. this sweetie here has been faithfully and ungrudgingly fetching me and my sis around since...oh i dont remember when. and through these driving excursions we have become closer to the point where he is comfortable opening up to me. well, brute force helps too :) . I, in return, have been subtlely teaching him how to be a more sensitive and observant guy when in comes to girls. You'll thank me in the end justin! hahaha. its for ur own good. its been great riding in the white honda of his, which probably stinks of mcDs due to our penchant for all things fried and cold. Many a time have we sneaked over to the great big familiar drive-in to order scrumpcious golden, crispy McDs fries(me) and Mcflurry(Justin). Although i am faithful to my fries, he is a tad fickle and changes his cravings often. Thus, justin is to be blamed for my pizza face as he always tempts me. *sticks her tongue out at justin* Hey justin its been great torturing you in ur car( and u thought u were safe, wahahaha). i will miss that dumb glove compartment and that stubborn seatbelt of yours when u go overseas. and of course i'll miss you :) .... and your car! ahaha. ur unpaid sevices is deeply appreciated. oh yes, dont think i wont be needing them anymore, cos i will. i just wanted to say thanks. muahahaha. u cant get rid of me that easy!

2nd Male lead: Wai
Image hosted by

Fai wa extroadinare and mentor.

A fly in human skin. A sheep in wolfs clothing(nope i didnt get the saying wrong, i'll explain later). this dude here has only recently taken up driving duties from justin. You know, lighten the BURDEN. hahaha. even then, during the short time (roughly starting from the time he started bumming) we have gotten to know each other, and discovered that we actually have quite alot in common, which is kinda freaky. haha.. anyway. put us together in a car and we'll bicker and insult each other till the cows come home. We cant even have a decent civilised conversation on the phone without one of us picking on the other. usually, i win. *nyeks* keep up wai. Anyway, why i say he's a sheep in wolves clothing? cos even tho he bullies me, he's actually a really nice guy *gasp*. hahaha. once, when i had to get to a friends hse to send her off before she left for oz and i had no transport. he offered, when it had nothing to do with him. awwww. how sweet. i was desperate, cos i would probably never see her forever and ever(ok, 3 yrs, but still haha) so i swallowed my pai-seh ness and took up his offer. mana tau, i gave him the satisfaction of making me feel bad about the whole thing. hahaha. he even offered to send me home. what? and give u gloating rights? no wayy...hahaha. but nola, thanks wai, its been great thumping you in ur own game while we're in ur handa city. *grin*.its been fun :) oh yes, same as justin. u still gotta fetch me around. i mean, think of poor justin, the burden's all on him. hahaha..but no la, i really appreaciate it :). just wanted u guys to know that.

oh ur pictures can be changed if u guys want. just send me the pic. ahaha.. lazy

Supporting males:

1. Nick
2. Julian
3. Ivan
4. Ik
5. Others whom i cannot reall right now.

hey you guys are all appreciated.

oh yes, thanks to the dudes and duddettes that take the time to go out for lunch with me now that im working. yes, ray, i feel loved. :)

sorry to nick for crippling his arm and to ray for ripping of his face today :S . it was the cochroach!
maybe when i have the time i'll tell u guys how my phobia of cochroaches came about.