Saturday, May 03, 2008

Small world and inaccurate first impressions

Youtube - the mecca of all things random and thus the source of delightfully free entertainment..

was getting my one-off dose of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT on youtube and stumbled across this:

the moment he said "dancing on the streets of Manc", i did a double take and suddenly remembered HEY I SAW THIS DUDE!

i was visitng justin last summer and he took me to Manchester for a compulsory DIMSUM fix and we saw this kid streetdancing in the middle of town and obviously i was awe/dumbstruck and immediately thought to myself regretfully, 'this is where im meant to be, vibrant, colourful, artsy-fartsy Manc..' (most of you knw i love dance)

then my eyes wandered to the buckets on the floor around him trying to pry spare change from spectators, saw his extended family that were there, and straightaway my cynicism got the better of me and thoughts like
'MAN this woman is pimping her son for chump change'

'the things ppl make their kids do just cos they're too lazy to work'

i mean this kid was dancing his ass off and he was GOOD, i've seen better but you know still good wei, better than what i could ever churn out. hahaha..

in the end i did give some of my spare change cos i really, really enjoyed his perf and wanted to encourage him. Besides, some part of me always feels like im violating and taking advantage of the perfomer when i watch but dont pay. LOL man, strip clubs would love me! LOLOLOL.

Anyway, lo and behold, the vid above proves how first impressions tend to be way of the mark! He was busking to earn money for his own dance classes and petrol money for his mom cos his family isnt well-off... seriously kudos to him man, he has the initiative and is self-sufficient with talent to boot.

Hopefully he goes all they way to performing in front of the Queen!

still, I seriously dont get why Brits love their royals so much hehe..must be a Malaysian thing..

This was his first audtion in 2007

he's not ALL THAT but i like a story about hope, an underdog tirelessly fighting through adversity and never giving up as much as the next person.



Blogger Justin said...

haha omg tsuen!
i just remembered i saw that kid too when we were in manchester and he was dam good!:P

i was like thinking why does his face look so familiar. LOL.

and yah i think the strip clubs would so love you because of ur principle of paying to encourage more 'dancing'. HAHA:P

eh faster come back la..:D

4:42 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

eh Tsuennn!!
I saw him too!!!
only saw him warming up and ken-ree's sis said he's awesome!!

4:52 PM  
Blogger tsuen (",)v said...

justin: yea, good times..good times

bren: was it during ur recent trip to manc during easter? if it was, then walau, his dedication is missed a good show tho ;p

5:53 PM  

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