Wednesday, June 27, 2007

underaged appeal

surfing through youtube i stumbled upon cute+hilarious asian boys. mmm-mmm reason why you should stick to your roots *GRIN* unfortunately..

all a'them babies my bro's age or something *shiver*

im such a peado. lol


I am SO ashamed, must be going through a phase or something. (the ending is really spastic- in a good way ;p)

someone say HOT

this one REALLY reminded me of my bro huahuahua.
for the record: i dont like this one, i just thought it was hilarious he reminded me of my bro. He says some hilarious, but true, things.
ALSO for the record: My bro doesnt act like he's black, jamaican(insert Sean Paul here) maybe but not gangsta



on another note, went out with moyo and ramsay last fri for dinner to bid farewell to good ol' ramsay as he embarks on his internship+year placement journey with Britten-Norman. (Trish couldnt come cos of a bad back-bummer) Wont be seeing him in class next year then. BOO.. as much as it hurts my ego to type this, i will miss him- just dont tell him.

had fun wasting my time with ya. cheers.

yours truly and Ramsay. i had a vodka+coke which would explain my tomato face.

tricked him into doing the kawaii pose

tricked all a'them! classic!

pictures were taken during our trip to Cranfield, haven't blogged about it yet >< dont think i will really- cept that it was AWESOME! and the vids were hilarious

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pa :)

He has got the lamest sense-of-humour - its so utterly -_-"""""""""" . Its so not funny that its funny. Though he has his moments.

He is intelligent - He knows a whole lot and for someone with no engineering background he sure sounds like one- constantly seeing the practical and technical side of things. Well read in many areas. Though he cant teach economics to save his life ;ppp

He is Mr Fix-It - Takes it upon himself to fix things around the hse with mixed results :S haha but one of my fondest father-daughter bonding moments is when we fixed my cupboard hinge and dining table light- technical and electrical skills right there ppl!

He makes me feel smart :) - My dad likes to test me from time to time, and i am always surprised that i can answer most of the time, its like "hey i didnt know i knew that". Plus, if he doesnt know something he always asks me, assuming that i know the answer. *stress-nya*

He is the household 'mind-your-grammar' english teacher - Much to his chagrin we still continue to speak in Manglish *grin*. My friends are always so surprised at how well he speaks english, with no malaysian accent to be heard . His attempts at manglish however (trying to be funny no doubt), is almost always met with confusion.

He cant speak proper 'bad english' ROTFL.

He is my horror movie kaki - we tried including the rest of the fam only for them to pay RM7.00 to stare at the back of their hands or hide behind the popcorn. My dad sets the standard when it comes to being able to stomache horror and gore. So if he says its good, its good. Im STILL sore that you watched Nang-nak without me pa *blek*

He is THE spoiler king - If he's seen a movie i have not, i shut him off before he can ruin it for me *hmph* Its a battle of volume and usually consists of me shouting "STOP", "SHUT UP","KEEP QUIET" or "ENOUGH LA, PA!" in vain attempt to drown out his big mouth. If all else fails i cover my ears and belt some crazy tune. He doesnt do it on purpose of course but he just likes to explain things with a tad too much detail and doesnt realise when he's given the twist away.

which brings us to his next trait:

He is the mayor of cheong hei town (and i say that lovingly *blink**blink*)- So dont blame me, its genetic. huahuahua. (its ironic that this is the shortest verse in the whole post)

He is my sparing partner - most of the time its boxing. Nothing technical, more like blindly throwing your weight around(on my part anyway).heh. Of course he's faster, stronger and more accurate- so me and my siblings gang up on him, to which he so conveniently cries "parental abuse". HAH! monkey see monkey do.

He is a health buff - he's more toned and healthy than me! *paiseh* hey, im young! i can afford to be a lump of lard. im definately gonna get a nagging. but its fun when im halfway to my deathbed after a workout session at the park and there is still an uphill climb to our house, i can hold onto my dad and he'll pull me uphill.

He is a new-age man - He uses my facial wash! even i dont use my facial wash. One good thing: he's got no qualms when buying sanitary pads. heehee

He is my Burger Ramlee flunkee - Pa, get me a burger ramlee! and off he goes- this is only when he's craving for it too -_-"

He is a champion debater - when it comes to debating, me: superman; dad: krptonite. So, dont. Even. Start.

He is adventerous - He likes to think himself an action man. Err.. Always wanting to challenge me at basketball or rock-climbing, never did get around to it though haha. But when it comes to FOOD, anything goes. If there any leftovers in the fridge after dinner no one wants the maggi mee he cooks for supper cos it becomes a disgusting concoction of sorts. MY DAD WILL EAT ANYTHING. Luckily im more like my dad in this department than my mom-typical chinaman tastebuds keke.

He has got cakar ayam handwriting - Terrible. He cant even read his own writing sometimes *paiseh* hahaha. Sigh, i miss teasing him about it tho.

I miss my dad dearly. :(

In my 21 years of life my dad has tried his best to be a good father and looking at me id say he's done a pretty darn good job, dont you? hahahaha

fine, fine.

In all seriousness, although my dad has his faults(who doesnt?) but i believe he's done his best to be a good, responsible and kind dad. Omg that sounded so cliche- but only because its the truth :)

Love ya PA.
its the one day of the year where you can say mushy, cringe-worthy things and get away with it. haha

Monday, June 04, 2007

A proper SHOUTOUT.


She's someone who's been with me through rainbows and sunshine; dark clouds and stormy weather.

She's the one who got me hooked on Liverpool FC. We'd scream like raving lunatics at 3 a.m. if there was a liv footie match during our sleepovers

She used to be known as mrs stevie g but prolly prefers that i call her Mrs K*** now


She so "graciously" forgives me when i tell her about my crushes and crushees...only after ive stopped liking them and they've stopped liking me hehehe.

still smiles when her birthday and christmas presents are late. (but i wasnt this yr! huahuahua)

she's got the whole package- a beauty with brains and a wicked sense of humour to boot.

she treasures her friendships which is why even tho we've gone our seperate ways we're still close. she's really the glue that keeps us together cos, as she knows very well, i dont really bother with phone calls and e-mails ><.

everytime i shop with this woman id buy something - this was way before my discovery and subsequent addiction to retail therapy. haha she's bad for my wallet.

we finish each others sentences.

she's the only person i have enough patience to teach cos she gets it right away.

she's the one who designed clothes with me in our little exercise books and sold our 'designs' to our fellow classmates. hahahhaa omg shau fun, remember those times? we'd practically force them to buy the designs. so fun. and actually got to a point where we were goooood.

and gave ourselves ridiculous english names. i laugh now at the names we thought were so cool back then.

remember our 'ode to Diana' scrap book? we never finished it ;p we used to think Prince William was so cute back then. ugh, how typical *gag*

She liked Brian Littrel and Sporty Spice while I liked Kevin Richardson and Posh.

We liked the same boy in Standard 6 but never fell out over it ;p although there was a hint of competitiveness. haha. We saw him in college again and thought "omg so lala" ROTFL.

In primary school, if we were ever angry with each other we'd send notes but made up b4 the day ended. It really cracks me up when i think about all the 'friendship' dramas back then and the times when we had to be mediators/ "middle men". Gawd, what a big deal we all made of it.

Did our homework "together" on the phone.

We tricked Anna's cousin into thinking we were her Australian cousins! how we pulled off the accent ill never know. It was brilliant! couldnt stop laughing.

Played prank calls on our crush till he started swearing. poor guy. kami perempuan tak tahu malu sial.

Sleepovers were the highly anticipated highlight of our hols; and we'd talk and laugh through the night till our tummys ached and our eyelids were heavy.

She's the picky-est person i know when it comes to guys. yes ppl, shes pickier than me...huahuahua

She's someone whose friendship i will treasure the most.

It's a bond that runs deep and thus, still survives even though we dont speak often.

It's been almost 14 years my (best)friend..

and now we, at 21, can officially be called 'aunties' ahhhhhhhh..noooooooo too fast! too fast!

But whatever it is, and however corny it may sound, i hope that your journey into adulthood begins with a BANG and is not too rocky a path.


hopefully, when we're 30 and married to great guys (*cross fingers*), we'd still have sleepovers ;p and our husbands can keep each other company whilst we gossip and guffaw through the night. *wink*

Hugs and much love from the UK.