Tuesday, October 24, 2006

wah scary

took of my rows- it's cool, i looked like some columbian chick ;p (says me) - didnt turn into an afro sadly

gave my hair a good, thorough washing.

running my fingers through my hair in the shower scared the bejeezers outta me when much more hair than usual came along with it. istead of apply, rinse repeat it was run, collect repeat
-_- it was scary, made me feel terminally ill

my gosh, it was like a scene out of "The Ring" where the heroine was in the well full of hair. my hairrrrrrr....nnoooo not like i had alot of it to begin with..ok im being a tad dramatic haha

im paranoid- my head feels really light.

though im pretty sure i dont have any bald spots -God willing- i dont want cornrows no more, ma. hahahaha it was for the experience anyway.

IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED! but that was a hairy ending to my african fling. pun intended ;p

on a lighter note:

went for the CD sale at JC'S bar at uni today and got STARSAILOR, TRAVIS AND KAISER CHIEFS! cd albums for only £4.20 each only! cheap! bargain! ohhappyhappyjoyjoy!
ok so one of the CD cases is a little mangled but hey i could always get another one and it'd still be a steal!
yea justin pointed out their all british. bite me. ;p

wanted to get lost prophets for my sis but justin pointed out that their latest one was better. besides "rooftops" wasnt in it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

sohodolls was a letdown


the venue flooded and the gig was canceled THATS WHY.

but that wasnt the worst thing, the worst was we only found out after we'd miss the once-an-hour bus to uni, walked half-way there, called a cab, got to uni climbed up two flight if stairs and up till DV8 doorway with a big CANCELLED sign: " Im sorry but the show has been canceled due to flooding in the area. Sorry for the inconvenience caused etc etc"

oh thats very nice and all but why couldnt you have put a sign in front of fulton hse before we had to walk in or at the student village bus stop so we wouldnt have to leave the comfort of our homes and waste time and MONEY going all the way there?

so we picked up our shattered feelings of excitement and anticipation and headed for a movie. "The Departed" was the obvious choice since it is a hollywood remake of HK's highly acclaimed "Infernal Affairs" a movie which gave a unique spin to the usual cop versus bad guy affair. plus, the trailer was cool :).

Word is that this is the movie that will FINALLY get brilliant director Martin Scorcese his Oscar. I say: dont bet on it.

It was ok. i'd get the soundtrack, but mostly i was laughing my mouth off with all the cuss words flying through the air every milisecond. given, SOME of the characters were Irish..but.. you never knew whether it was supposed to be funny or not. it was kinda stylo at the beginning then the end just killed it. dont worry NO SPOILERS here. but heck, its a re-make dont think i could spoil anything. but the again apparently they did change some stuff. i dunno, haven't watched the ori. i know, im sad. haha

but let me say this, ive NEVER been a LEO dicaprio(did i spell that correctly?- you catch my drift) fan, EVER. but watching this movie, i was rootin for him, he was HOT.
man, boys do grow up- sigh.

well, im still cut up about sohodolls. dang it.

gonna get refunds tomoro, maybe give them an earful for bad organisation and publicity as well. maybe not. we'll se how it goes.

im chuffed.

gotta jet. gotta make tea so that my hsemate can observe me and write it down. go figure- its for her h/w. hehehe

on the bus to the cinema.
there's something funky going on with my camera. you'll see it in the next pic *sob*

the 3 out of 8 that were there.
im wearing the cool as jacket my aunt got me (iris, your mom!) got a lot of compliments on it.
iris: let your mom knw ;p i did credit her everytime they asked haha

my hsemate who wants me to make tea. ;p
can you see the faint horizontal lines across the pic? my cam's PMS-ing *wail*

Friday, October 20, 2006

Black History Month

what you guys be doin?

i got CORNROWS baby

ch-check it out, hoes ;p

just a peek

left view

right view

back+top view

bad-ass? or just bad poser? ;p

love this pic :)

the afro carribean society was having this hair fair and them cornrows was just 5 pounds!

got it done with lavleena, her's is cool

let's see how long i can go without washing my hair ><>check the rest out on my multiply

gotta jet peeps.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


i got accepted.

don't worry i'll clue you in.

last thurs i went for a talk on an International Student Volunteer(ISV) Program which takes place in the summer. Their standard program consists of a two week community project/work and two week adventure tour.
Host countries are Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Oz, NZ and Thailand.

Was always interested in doing something like this so applied for it the very same day- fully aware that i'd have to fork out £1495.oo *faint*- including a written testimonial on why i wanted to join. they said i'd get either an acceptance letter or rejection letter in two weeks.

it's been less than a week and:

Congratulations Lim

I am very pleased to inform you that your Application has been approved and you have been accepted to participate in ISV’s 2007 Summer Program. We are excited that you will be joining thousands of participants who will be part of ISV’s incredible global effort to make a difference in the world by providing over 300,000 hours of volunteer work on five continents.

I'm estatic. i can't believe i got accepted.

now i've got too work REALLY hard. because that price does not include flight tix and 50% of meals during the adventure tour.

and i chose i late date to fly off because i want to apply for an 8-10 week summer internship. call me crazy because i really think i am.

not going to ask for a cent from my parents. it's all me baby, if i really accept their offer ISV will send over a list of ideas and relavant forms/documents so that i can find sponsorship to help me cut costs.

Dominican Republic is my country of choice. Because:

- the community work is a social development based program meaning i'll get to work with kids and mingle with the native people-maybe homestay. which is AWESOME. for someone who isn't really keen on having any kids if i do get married it's kinda ironic that i enjoy playing with underpriviledged kids- won't find any spoiltbrats here, just cheerful kids who appreciate the simplest of things and what you do for them. :) thanks esther for creating a platform so that i learnt that fact 1st hand. sigh i miss the kid's at St Jerome

-i just fell in love with the outdoor adventure tour itinerary. rough outline:

Canyoning - rappelling, hiking, cliff-jumping and sliding down natural waterfalls
Surfing or Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea
Horseback riding to secluded waterfalls
Exploring the largest cave in the Caribbean and viewing cave art created hundreds of years ago by Taino Indians
Discover the capital city of Santo Domingo. Go merengue dancing, wander the cobblestone streets in the footsteps of conquistadors and pirates and see the old Spanish architecture in the Colonial areas of the historic city.

*info from ISVonline

(better than a room full of korean men ;p)

-let's be realistic, i will probably never EVER have the chance to go ever again.

Pa, ma i havent told you yet because i thought i had more time to break the news hehehe didnt know i would get accepted so quick, if at all. Plus, the decision to apply was made on the same day(they were at uni for a day only) and handed-in forms are given priority over mailed-in ones.
if you object say it now or forever hold your peace. kekeke

should i accept? should i? should i? im just worried i cant come up with the funds and to accept i need to pay £200.00 non-refundable.

i'll sleep on it. more pondering needs to be done.

hse 2 girls- mooncake festival '06

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


edit: this is NOT a strip show. their new single just happens to be called "stripper"
this edit is for my mom ;p omg i would so NOT GO to a stripshow.

electro glam rock
anybody interested in going for the sohodolls gig on the 22 of oct at DV8, swansea?

check out their killer website for snippets on their music: sohodolls
their tunes are catchy and the lead girl is hot ;p

contact me ASAP in case tix run out! it's happening soon ppl

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

hectic days

many many many things have happened. check out my multiply for news in picture form.

have been having fun, but just realised i havent really done anything for myself such as complete my dental care form(don't kill me pa) and apply for summer internship.(i dont even have proper groceries in my fridge, but i manage keke)

school work, society work and takeaway work ( work ;p) is filling up my hours. no time for practical work. but its ok! my new tutor has ties with rolls royce! booyah
plenty of new experiences..i really like it like this actually. i feel im experiencing more of what swansea has to offer. im going around czech repulic and austria this christmas baby! but gotta fork out 550 pounds. s'ok im working on my travelling fund..ngeks. gotta save money for oz in easter as well..if the guys go to italy then might tag along also..nyek nyek.

missed chances. good or bad? definately good good good. i dont need that right now.. but...but but..aih hahaha..its just SO tempting

got to help restore a boat! land ahoy! ok we didnt actually set sail. but i got to run around on it nontheless ;p

gotta jet.