Tuesday, May 31, 2005


One word: EUPHORIA…

Oh man, Wednesday night-or should I say thurs morn- was one heck of an emotional roller-coaster ride. Starting with hungry anticipation mixed with modest confidence, onto pit-of-your-gut-nausea, to gradual-pixie-sized-defiance, to dancing like a druggie-on-high, back to nail-biting nervousness, then the mother of all feelings, the one emotion to end all emotions; ecstasy.

It all started when I went over to my aunt’s house to borrow their t.v@astro as mine is DISCONNECTED…Oh Pa, thou art heartless..hehe..So far, I had relied on a very good friend of mine- Xander, you’re the best!- for live match info n commentary(priceless), he had to act as my eyes and ears. It shows doesn’t it? Just how our idiot-box generation turned out; without a t.v. we might just as well be deaf and blind. But its ok! We’re resourceful ppl, we can always resort to SMS, which is what I did. But alas
no more! This is the Champions League FINAL we’re talking about, dun play-play, this is serious business and I had to suck in my pride and pai-seh-ness and ask my aunt. She, being the ever generous woman and cheerful host did not deny me this.;p she really has blessed me countless times.

Anyway, there I was, in the living room, all by my lonesome- duhh, who’s stupid enough to stay up at 2.30 a.m….hey, was that a “look” you were giving me? hahaha- fine. It’s called DEDICATION ppl.

By half-time with Liverpool down 3-0 it was SHIT.SHIT.SHIT.there it is, sick-to-the-pit-of-ur-stomache-crap (oh..i haven’t mentioned I support Liverpool, have I ?) ala, obvious-nya.. Anyway, liverpool was in tatters and I was UTTERLY DISGUSTED..clearly, AC milan were running rings around much so that I wanted to switch off the t.v. and go right to bed, after all I had to go to work the next morn and I was starting to think I wasn’t worth it…Oh, did I mention I was talking to God the whole time? Hahaha.. arguing more like it
Why Lord? Why do you do this to me? Help them! And then I asked Him to help them score at least one goal. All in the name of salvaging what little pride they had left. But He taught me something that night: Faith. Somehow-although it sounds stupid- I felt God’s hand in the match that night. I know, y’all probably goin “What? God doesn’t interfere in matters like these, at least not on YOUR(me) behalf” Right? Wrong. I think God’s hand is in everything. Plus, I have an inkling that it was because of my fervent conversation with God on liv’s behalf that turned the match around…hahaha…what a load of beeswax right? Maybe it’s just my ego talking; maybe its not. But hey, you have your opinion and I have mine. We’re all happy. HAHAHA.

At 23 minutes kewell limped off the pitch due to "injury"(groin injury it was later reported, well later carra pulled something in his groin area and had to keep grabbing his crotch, and yet he STILL kept on playing) .FINALLY. I mean, Kewell seriously looks so passionless he might as well be dead. Or golf. *nyek nyek*.. At half-time, things started picking up, thanks to the didi-finnan exchange....didi thanks for keeping kaka caged! As, I slinked further and further into my seat- partly due to fatigue, partly to a shrinking confidence and also fear; fear as in you know how you hold your breath waiting for the worst, not unlike the sea receding signaling impending doom(ahh, nothing like melodrama to complete a totally obsessed fan’s babbling) Then, BAM! Gerrard scored the most superb goal…AHHHHHHHHH…this is the point where I did my druggie-dance. Nothing more fitting than the captain inspiring one of the greatest comebacks in CL history! Hahaha..from then on Liverpool seemed to burst with renewed energy and life. And within the next 6 minutes the Reds scored 2 more goals; courtesy of Smicer and Alonso…yea baby! This ensues in more jig-dancing.

Then more nail-biting and nervous jumping later. The teams were forced to go into extra time; which featured something which was later dubbed a “HAND OF GOD” moment when Dudek saved a header and a rebound to boot, from Sheva…if you didn’t see it with your own eyes you wouldn’t know the true value of that that moment I bet all liverpudlians everywhere knew, deep down, that the Cup was theirs…not me tho, hahaha, being the ever-cautious- worrywart I quietly sat back down and waited for the penalties to be taken. I’m always afraid that if I become too confident, everything will fall apart. Aih, a typical female trait. Or is it just me? *think.think.think* NAH…

5 penalties and a lot of jelly-legs dancing by dudek(apparently to throw off the penalty takers, it worked) later, pent up tension burst open as euphoric cries from fans and players alike. Me? I had to scream into my pillow, wouldn’t want to wake the sleeping beauties now.heehee…aih…the exact feeling just cant be described..

Aiks, I think I’ve been a leeettle bit cheong hei(understatement of the yr?) haha…aih should have issued a disclaimer @ warning at the start. Oh well, better late than never right?

WARNING: once I’ve started I can’t stop. And I can never keep anything short and sweet. In school I hated summaries. Summaries only serve to impose restrictions on one’s creativity and flare for talking too much. HAHAHA.