Monday, December 10, 2007

little one :)

To the fattest baby of the lot..
(poor mom)

To the skinniest teen of them all...
(eat some food woman! tho your cheekbones are lush ;p)

To the prettiest chick in my biased eyes....
(well duh, shes related to me LOL)

To the social butterfly
that brings laughter, fun and sparkle into the room.....
(to some more so than others..pokes justin HARD in the, im just jokin y'all)

To the dearest and most caring sister a person could be stuck with ask for......
(cos she knows i'll buy her stuff from the UK ;p teehee j/k..)
(she really did pull the blanket over me when she thought i was sleeping :) awww..)
To the one with the brightest smile in a dark world.......
(zomg corny!corny!)
(way to go, braces! hah i kid, i kid. she always had/has a great smile)

To the tiny rebel in the family........
(errr.. listen to ma and pa lahh~)
To the bag lady + incorrigible consumer in a cold, commercial society.........
(im just echoing mom's sentiments ;ppp for i too, have been bitten by the inevitable bug)
To my darling sister who makes me feel so important when she calls me on the phone, wished me goodnight during my first night in UK, placed a plate in my seat at the dinner table when i'd left for UK, cried for me when my 'bf' broke up with me..

.. i'm sorry for all the times i fought with you, hurt you and neglected you :( please forgive me..and let's shop to death if and when i return! love you loads :)

To Lim Huei Yuih..the salty fish

what? the clubbing age increase to 21 what, no?
sorry i cant be at luna's with you babe :( have loads of crazy fun and dont go overboard with the alco. what i mean is, dont even touch a drop!! hahaha
p/s: thanks to Ray whom i stole the pics from. hone that talent baby!