Thursday, November 30, 2006

progress is always good ;p

YAY! there's finally PROGRESS on my flight mech assignment!!

ignore the fact that i've been sitting in the kitch for nearly 8 hrs now and only done 3 questions. its tedioussss man, im about to go blind staring at all my data on excel @_@ *pengsan*


it's bad studying and doing work in the kitch, food is always so easily accessible. they call out to me..... lets hope i will still be able to fit into my dress for Estrella Brillante!

oh well, 3 more questions to go. suck it in trooper!

haha didja know it took me like 3 days to relate the variables, figure out the equations needed and get my first question to give me logical values? yeap.

oh well. gotta jet. got class tomoro and i need shhhleeepp.

tsuen the shhhhleeepy head

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas ball + whacked out bday

the christmas ball organised by the msian soc, HK soc and chinese soc( sleeping partner ><) is coming soon! this sunday! and i've got a thermo test the next day :((((( plus two assignments to hand up in that week. just kill me now anyway, it's called: ESTRELLA BRILLANTE which means shining stars in spanish. yea i know, things sound so much better in a foreign language ey?

nice? i help design it huahuahua.
its kinda small eh? cant see nuts.

just celebrated room 3 mr yong jyh giin's _ _ th/nd/rd bday!( the dude wont tell me his age)

pics are up on my multiply. yays! gawd it took agesssss just to upload em, and its all in the wrong order and i think i mightve uploaded some stuff multiple times. pfft. oh wells, its not life and death so *cue: Let It Be -the beatles*

i think we took like 100+ pics that night. major cam-whoring session in which both the sexes participated with equal enthusiasm and passion( haha, justin: jealous?)

just a sneak peak:

i really like this pic. everything else seems to be in motion but joseph is like the only one clearly in focus.

incomplete grp shot

why settle for one at normal outlets?
TESCO VALUE: buy one get one free!
im being carried by the way, thats why my posture is so weird.

okla. il stop here. was doing my flight mech assignment but got stuck huahuahua. its funny how much "time" you have for all these nonsense when you really dont have any. :S

im going to force myself to sleep now.

Friday, November 17, 2006

surprise email

my dad sent me mail :) so sweet of him.. even though it was short it made me miss him and the rest of the fam even more.

i really miss pa. even though we're often at loggerheads with each other ( we both have big egos -_-") i remember during my summer back in msia someone asked my dad "Are you happy your daughter's back?" to which my dad replied " Yea, i was for the 1st few weeks." -_-"""""

yea. i deprived him of his ASTRO.

he's prolly the only person who over-rates me and thinks i can do anything :) (which is not aaalwayyys a good thing - OH, the PRESSURE ;p)
i miss fixing things with him like my cupboard hinge or the dining light.
i miss watching horror movies with him. THE GUYS HERE ARE ALL PANSIES, PA.
i miss the funny face he makes and the accompanying wrinkles (yes pa, you have wrinkles. he thinks he's still 30)
i miss how me, my sis and bro would gang up on him to steal the tv remote. (tho that was such LONG time ago)

i DONT miss him waking me up at 10.30 am every morning to eat breakfast. HOHOHO. though i understand where he's coming from.

a little part of me dies inside when i dissapoint my dad(and my mom for that matter) , they dont know , cos i dont show.
it pains me to see them growing older and still have to slog for my fees. i wish i had a lucrative talent :S

i didnt hug him long enough at the airport :(

dont be fooled by this pic, my dad looks better in person.

Dad, sis and bro. (ivan managed to sneak into the pic)

i love my mom too.
gosh im sentimental today.

in the words of my bro "family value pack"
taken at mcds ma...

mini me.


Friday, November 10, 2006


i'd like to thank julian phoon who introduced two brilliant movies to me

- Before Sunrise (1994)

NEVER thought i'd enjoy a movie like this when he told me the general plot : two strangers meet on a train and end up talking for 105 mins of the whole show while walking the streets of vienna. At the start of the movie i was like bracing myself for boredom which slowly turned to interest then quickly being totally absorbed by their honest conversations and unpretentious connection.

wow, look tsuen IS cultured after all ;p
(you are not permitted to guffaw, a snigger would do) hmmph.

- Before Sunset (its sequel)(2003)

Not as long as its predesessor but just as absorbing and i absolutely LOVE the ending. hahahahaha julian - "i know". wah liao.....
(not like julian reads my blog. heh.)

too bad the films were made and released 9 years apart, so i didnt get to watch it in real time. i was 8 for goodness sake. i'd prolly be asking my mom a FEW questions.
but anyway mine was instant gratification as i had both movies with me. huahuahua. wow ethan hawke and julie delphi really AGED. scary. in 9 yrs time il be 29, would i be married but independant? single and independant? dead? junkie? launching space shuttles?(yea baby) but the thing that scares me most really is would i be any wiser? or still young and immature? cynical and bitter? yeap, il be 21 soon, and i dont like it, so sue me.

julian is sensitive. *smirk*
but who knew tsuen would *double smirk*