Sunday, April 27, 2008

lone ranger

alright so, sitting in this dinky old kicthen (STILL)..

..i wish i had a teman :(

Thursday, April 24, 2008

APO!! well not really..but still..APO!!

that's 'pain' in KOREAN btw ;p

after sitting for 18hrs straight on this SORRY EXCUSE FOR A CHAIR,working on my thesis, my BACK IS KILLING ME..

OMG im not exactly the 21 year old i used to be. though my mental state will forever remain stunted at the two-one milestone, my body stubbornly refuses to agree...gosh.. usually my adrenaline helps me cope well with pain and fatigue.
i wonder how red bull tastes like, never resorted to it before.. i need the buzz man and maybe some painkillers hahahaha.NAH.

between every few lines written on my thesis, i pepper the air with whinges about my useless back cos it seriously hurts man, CINCA APO! its just a dull pain which is more annoying than painful actually. hmmm. ok la im creating drama when there is none. but its fun to whinge leh~

but there's no one to whinge to!
*caresses blog* you'll do LA.

what i wouldn't do for a deep heated back rub =.=


Sunday, April 20, 2008


just a simple THANK YOU to my LORD.

for His protection during my skydive, void of fear or nervousness(but im siao like that, i live for the thrill baby ;p), plenty of adrenaline and excitement. PLUS the pretty weather as soon as we got up there.

will blog more about the skydive i did for charity once im done with my thesis ;p

accompanied with pictures of me in a helmet that made me look like i was part of the cast from "CONEHEADS"

OBVIOUSLY im the pretty one on the left la ><

didnt have enough money for a vid of the jump tho :( ----->110 quid wei! oh well, only serves as an excuse to GO AGAIN!

oh and the free-fall (b4 the parachute is opened) was over too quick for my liking.. about 6,000 ft of free fall..dang it.. next time im gonna go 20,000 ft if i ever go for seconds!

next up: BUNGEE JUMPING IN NZ!...or europe, whichever opportunity arises 1st..

p/s: i think it would have been so much cooler tho if i had friends and family to see me jump.. i guess i would feel more bangga about it.. but family not here and friends all say they wanna come but all sleeping at home la :s tho i do admit it was too early in the morning


Thursday, April 10, 2008

where's the momentum?

' okay allow yourself 2 secs to say your 2 cents worth....'


you love carbon fibre

you love research

you love making things difficult for yourself.

suck it up and deal with it.

AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH! AZA! that's my battle cry btw...i know its sounds like im being strangled.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

wet blanket

like the millions of drones fans out there i was eagerly anticipating the music video release of Madonna's 4 MINUTES off her much-hyped album, HARD CANDY.

and like them, i too felt let down by the Queen of Pop. BIG TIME.

i mean c'mon! you had the help of JT and Timbaland, not to mention a production and PR crew large enough to populate a small island... and you come up with.. that? talk about POTONG STEAM man..

because the song itself it ROCKIN'(!!) a head-boppin-booty-shaking ditty. I played it over and over again, OBSESSIVELY. the beats of the music actually take control of your body..well mine anyway.

there's no deep, soulful or politcally conscious lyrics in sight but plenty of contagious beats baby. just pure ADRENALINE and FUN.

music video may leave much to be desired..
..but just the sound of beats make me wanna dance every time!

so someone take me to OCEANA when it finally opens!

truth be told i find the version with Timbaland rappin at the start PLAIN ANNOYING.(just like how he spoilt One Republic's Apologize with his monkey calls. altho it give them much needed publicity ;p)

so im posting this video which has no timbaland rap and no video clip.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Soothing words

"come back come back since you r ' charn ' and i will cook you herbs and drinks to ' youth ' u back heheheh....."

- mom, with her very own brand of english.

' But you are a shield around me , O Lord
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head
To the Lord I cry aloud
and he answers me from his holy hill '
-Psalm 3 : 3-4
- GOD, with His perfect words.