Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Freaky coincidence.*shiver*

im currently multi-tasking; watching a somewhat hilarious canto serial my friend intro-ed me to and blogging at the same time. (hehe, julian, jealous-lehh.)

Last night i watched War Of The Worlds. It was goood. but thats not what im here to talk about.dont worry, no spoilers. Ive been a victim of spoiler-spewers( ppl who-unintentionaly or otherwise- blab out details you would rather prefer to WATCH) and ive been irriversably scared *boohoo* heehee)

Anyway there's this scene in the movie which seriously creeped me out because it suddenly reminded me of this dream i had a few months ago.

Eh since that dream was quite some time ago, i can only tell based on wtv i remember so bear with me because you will LOVE the ending.hahaha.

ok it starts with me suddenly having a terrible premonition(or feeling, i dont quite remember) that something bad is going to happen. anyway i huddle my whole family in my parent's room-i even had to drag some of them.*rolls eyes*. im saving ur life for goodness sake ;p). even tho i felt very gan cheong, i still managed to run to my sis's room and grab a pillow/blanket(dont look at meee, it was a dream) anyway, as i ran to my parents room, there was this doppelganger of my sis who was chasing me. i closed the door in the nick of time but half her body passed through the door and "it" was trying to convince me to come out of the room by pretending to be my sis. in my dream, somehow if we stayed in my parents room, we'd stand a better chance.

Anyway, i didnt succumb to "its" tricks and proceeded to huddle my family in a corner next to a window, with closed curtains OF COURSE, you never know who's watching. later, there were these weird alien(as in unfamiliar not ET) sounds and glaring light. periodically i pushed away the curtain and sneaked a peek. in those instances, i saw alien crafts flying above the ground and everytime the bright light emminating from the crafts touches the ground, all living things on the ground evaporated/dissapeared. and suddenly, my house appeared to be "underground" and our "roof" which consisted of a few wooden planks(go figure) was being blown/lifted off by the bright lights. arrrghh, they're getting to us! they're gonna get us! we're next! were the thoughts that were running through my head at that point as the planks were being lifted one by one. as the last plank was lifted, we were lifted out of our room and put in this vehicle of some sort, with our own "guide" telling us the various changes around the place. Like on a safari ride? haha. i forgot what he was blabberring about but at last! i SAW what the commotion was all about. What i SAW, was that they had just built a BIG(no kidding) ASS ASTRO SIGN and behind it was like a futuristic astro village or wtv, there were these dudes in black suits shaking hands as if they had just finished a business deal. MY GOSH, so potong steam right? aiyoyoooo..

but anyway the fear i felt while in my parents room was..blu-eahgh a.k.a indescribable. the most powerless and clueless ive ever felt. like how u'd feel if u watch WOTW. hahhahaha.

so thats what freaked me out. the end. tired la, i wanna sleep liao la. but still watching the show. after this ep, im hitting the sack.

tomorrow, the unveiling of tsuen, the PANDA.


Monday, June 27, 2005

drunken roller-blading

haha. some of u know this story.

but just for those who dont(besides, im itching to tell it. *scratch**scratch* i think it started when wai told me bout his "experience" with a snowboard. haha. i wanna show off my battle wounds too!) i'll bestow upon u the priviledge a.k.a means whether u like it or not! haha.

here goes..

HAHA…I wasn’t drunk exactly, but considering what I did I might as well have been…it was stupidity…a classic case of all balls and no brain..hehe..Aywayz, there’s this park(kiara park) in my neighborhood with a lot of slopes(strictly not meant for blading)..So, there’s this one killer slope, it’s steep and curves to the right. I’ve always fantasized about sliding down on that one slope with my blades. One day, I finally wore my blades, went up the slope-in my blades(a tiring process)- and just did it(dang that NIKE motto!). I cannot possibly describe the adrenaline rush on the way down, but it was cool. Anyway, I was almost at the end of the slope when my sis suddenly stepped in front of my path(she’d been worried bout the whole blading-down-the-slope business). On instinct I swerved to my right to avoid her, panicked, lost my balance and fell flat on my front(I was wearing my specs..hhaha..)…FANTASTIC..oh did I mention that I wasn’t wearing any protective gear? Like I said, just me and my blades ;p ..and the hard gravel road..hehe..anywayz while I ended up with mostly scrapes and bruises, I also had this deep scrape on my knee where I could see white tissue, not forgetting that there was a big bump on my face, just under my left eye, which was getting bigger by the sec(no joke). There was also a tear in my shirt where my shoulder was scraped..(pity, I liked that shirt). Luckily nothing was broken or fractured, even my specs escaped intact!
Later I found out my sis had realized that there was a pond(filled with rocks apparently) in front of the slope so she stepped up to break my fall..aww, how sweet . I was so eager to do it I hadn’t realized that there was one!
Thankfully, I had no FACIAL scars..sort’s too small to be noticed.

Do I regret it? NOT ONE BIT.(cept maybe the protective gear part)

OH YEA, I prayed before I went down the slope so I would just like to thank GOD for keeping me intact..
P/s: this happened like, 5 days before I turned 18 so there was no partying for me

my motto: bring it on baby!


dear readers,

i'm embarassed to announce that there has been a mistake regarding the results if the Ms. Hectic pageant. Due to a certain over-worked and numded-brain judge who wrongly calculated the scores; we the organisers wish to duly inform you that the runner-up is in fact Ms. Wed and not Ms. Thurs as announced. This mess up is greatly regrettable. we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

The management.

On another note;

my arms are aching like nobody's business. ahhh, the side-effects of rock-climbing. it even aches when i squeeze the toothpaste tube and pulling up my pants takes alot of effort.(and no, i will not leave it down.thank you very much. ;P) any upwards movements is tatamount to moving a mountain. but thank God i know a remedy for these kinda achey-breakeys.


more rock-climbing!!!! yay!

anyway. i'd like to share a goodbye rap i recently came up with. its lame but do bear with me.

yo! got-to-go! see you to-mo-ro!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

drop dead tired.

its been a hectic week.

and all the days of the week are in the running for the Ms. Hectic title; with the exception of Ms. Sun due to scandal. The inside scoop is she hasnt even happened yet. *gasp*..*tsktsk*..*shakes head*.

Ms. Fri wins the title. hands down. the runners up are Ms. Thurs and Ms. Sat. The results were made based on which day i was so pooped i couldnt blog how pooped i was.

and i win-hands down- the Ms. Lamer title. im sure u all are agree. hahaha.

Anyway, my friday started at 6 a.m. thank you very much. which means i only had 3 hrs of sleep during the night. for some reason i couldnt sleep until 3 a.m. dang it. Anyway, i had to wake up then because i had some distribution to do. wasnt as eventful as the other time tho. quite boring actually. :( maybe im just jaded. wow, that was quick. i finished at about 8.35 a.m.
went home. got ready and went out again at 11 a.m. for bowling and rock-climbing(yea, baby!) with some friends at summit. bowling was fun altho i didnt bowl. cant bowl for nuts. i just manned the video n digicams. and played commentator. said the lamest things possible. haha. cant wait to view it and hear what i said exactly. iris kicked wai's ass man in bowling. so what's new? haha. as usual, in a man vs woman arena, the women emerge victorious. muahaha.but ivan was overall winner for that round. the 2nd round, wai won but iris didnt play, so it was an all guy round. hhhmmm, do u think that iris is to wai like kyrptonite is to superman? in-te-res-ting..

after the bowling and more goofing off with the camera- pics can be viewed in my link titled "iriss".hahaha - we headed off for ROCK-CLIMBING. the good stuff. had alot of fun, tho only me wai, nick, ivan and the julian gang did and PHYSICAL work. iris n justin sat, cheered us on, took pics, and laughed AT us. how sweet of them. haha.
alot of amusing things happened but lazy to tell la. mom chasing me to sleep adi. i think i hear a few "thank God's" hehe. anyway, to summarize(as requested by ching, kitty n lulu); it was a good time, laughing at each other and goofing off. the end.

but not yet, my day hasnt ended.muahahaha. and you thought miracles happened. how gullible. nyekz

after the STRENOUS session of memanjat-batu-ing, went home with wai n justin to wai's hse to catch the latest d/lded episode of Basilisk. good anime man, check it out. found out wai actually likes to do extreme stuff but hasnt found anyone to do it with, hey ada kaki liao..yay!

at around 6.45 p.m. justin dropped me off at centrepoint to see chingz, kitty n lulu. thanks justin! ur a pal.

girl's night. had fun hanging out with those girls. catching up and talking nonsense. discovered kitty is a pathalogical liar(haha u asked for it), jk la..u actually got me on the "smoking habit" one man. but only cos chingz helped you. blek ;p . anyway i was good to talk to u girls and to bitch about boys.hahaha. i pity the poor soyamilk bottle la, abused by our forks and spoons. all just because we couldnt hit the real fella and had to find a sub. hopefully there'll be more girls nighs in the future la hor? we should do it again.definately. and no im not gonna summarize. if not ppl will just scroll down n read the summary. this way, they;ll just have to trudge through the whole thing. cue:*diabolical laughter*

anywayz, after they left me at my hse. i was so out of it im surprised i managed to bathe. cannot la. too dirrty. my hair was wet but wanted terribly to sleep. so i played chor-tai-ti with bro to pass the time. in the end couldnt tahan, so slept with wet hair.

the end.

no, seriously.

nighties.assuming u havent already all fallen asleep.hehe

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Ultimate Con...

...and it has a name; sim shau fun.

dont worry, its in a good way.

ok so after the guys were done with their ps2-ing, we left for dinner at a dai-chau in tmn tun. suddenly i get a call from a friend xi voon, asking me about how did the edison thing go etc. then i asked her to read my blog and she was like, "no la im sure u got a lot of time right?" then she proceeded to tell me to go home soon to dish out the "goodies"-my ass, i didnt get to see nuts ok- and i was like" yea, sure" .end of conversation. after dinner i get a call from my sis asking me to come home soon cos she needs help with her h/w etc. ok, no biggie. then she said" and come home quick also, pa just came home." zheng zheng zheng zheng. oops..haha..ok i'll be back in a jiffy.besides my sis needs my help what.haha.seriously.

anyway, after dinner the guys dropped me off at my place and i went in and my sis immediaely started asking me questions about god-knows-what i cant remember. than i go upstairs n she follows me to my room, still talking. and just when i reach the door-my sis held it open btw, alarm bells shouldve rung at that point but i was pretty stoned after the whole tiring day- and lo and behold, who is hiding behind the door? xi voon. i didnt get to register her presence cos right next to her stood my best(est) friend-who was supposed to be oz- shau fun. and i just went numb. then i went like "youuuuuu...*points finger*" haha..i was like laughing and slapping her up-turned palms at the same time. u know how u pinch urself/ or pinch an object if u cant believe its actually there? well, i dont abuse myself so i chose the latter. subconciously it was meant to be" ahh...u lied, lied." cos prior to this in our usual msn conversations she told me she wouldnt be coming back for the mid sememster break. and i just kept slapping and laughing and going "ahhh" and " youuu". i just couldnt believe she was actually standing right in front of me. this girl-who i thought i would never get to see again cos im heading off to uk and we dont have any hols that overlap- was actually in msia. in my room of all places.haha. deliriously happy.

in between all that me and xi voon were going like "she conned us, she conned us"

after i settled down, i asked her how long she's back for the hols, to which she replied" one month" and the answer actually caught me by surprise cos i think subconciously, in the deep recesses of my irrational mind, i thought she'd just popped over to msia just to surprise the hell out of me and then leave for oz the next day. hahaha. but yay! she's back for a month. and as some of u know, im looking for a job right now right? well, dats all gone out the window now. no way am i gonna work man when she's here. and we can go shopping and have sleepovers.woo, im in girlie mode noww..haha :)

funz, u really conned me la. furthermore, while we were skype-ing earlier in the week. she told me she had to drag the headphones over to where she was folding her clothes, of course i thought she was just folding her laundry, but actually she was already packing her luggage at that very moment. and as usual our conversation had the mandatory "aiyaaa, u come to oz to visit me la, i wont be going back to msia la, too exp, sommore the flights are all booked" and im like" dont u think i want to? i got no money la, aih, cannot see u adi". just in case u think the conversation sounds lesbo.err, i guarantee we're both as straight as can be.haha.

dat girl. she said all that to me with a straight voice(instead of face, coouldnt see it ;p) whoa man. 3 of us had a good time laughing about it in my living room. i also found out then that her whole family was in it! power man. xi voon was conned to, at her apartment. hahaha. apparently she had an even bigger reaction than mine.woo..

after they left my hse and i went to bathe i was still shaking my head, the u-just-cant-believe-it kind..ahh...this was a gooood con.touche', girl.

current mood: really happy.and still shaking my head.

funz: you're gooood. :p ready ur oscar speech my dear. the dota guys would call it-OWNING.

xi voon: just when she least expects it, we'll pounce right? out con woman

you know in my chatter box at the side i wrote "nothing happened.absolutely nothing." well, i spoke too soon. tonight was such an eventful and happy night. my bestest friend coming to surprise me like that beats seeing edison chen in the flesh. big time. who needs edison? when u've got a friend like her.

u gotta love her man, ciazo ppl.

con artists.

ok, im writing from wai's comp now and the connection sucks.ehehe.hey! even he said it himself, but its picking up tho. maybe it just needed to warm up.and my template's colour looks hidious from his comp point of view.ergg.

listening to brooke fraser now and she totally rawks man. so mellow and soothing. calmes my nerves. esp after the frustrating 2 hour plus wait at 1u open air carpark waiting for the drifting competition and of course, the one and only mr edison chen. argggg..those cons. told us that it would start at 4pm. waited like a bunch of aimless idiots, standing there with nothing to do, waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. just waitingg...and waitingg...and waiting. yup. thats what we pretty much did our whole two plus hrs there. we waited. ahh..malaysian timing!!!!! i wouldve of course stayed longer u know, persevere until i catch a glimpse of his cuteness radiating from the VERY-far-away-podium. i even came prepared with binoculars OK. yeap, he's THAT cute.haha. hold on a moment, gotta wipe the drool off.... there.done. ;p where was i?..

Oh the reason why i didnt wait? cos i dragged wai, justin n julian to this event with the promise of the drifting demo.haha. but of cos that didnt matter to them and they came to teman me only. nyeknyek. but anyway, after the 2 hr plus wait and no drifting demo, the guys got restless n i felt guilty. yes, i have a concience thank you very much.hehe. so off we went. and me? i kissed the possibilty of sighting edison goodbye.sniff. we were just not meant to be. sobsob.haha. oh just as we were about to leave right? the japan GT babes made an appearance. so the guys stopped and admired, ok oggled more like. the commentater was like :seksi, seksi, seksi!!. eew. how gross-little-perverted-old-man can u get mr. commentator? i think he even asked the guys there to stop drooling if i heard right.ahh, malaysian commentators always mumble.they cant seem to pronounce words CLEARLY and SUCCINTLY.haha. so the wai n gang got to oggle chicks when IM the one who's suppose to oggle edison! no fair, no fair!! i didnt get to oggle anything! hhmmph. arrgg. nvm, i said:" go home watch gen-y cops" haha. how pathetic right?

[ just this moment wai comes in and says: " mm, smelly lar." and proceeds to spray his room with perfume, while im typing. hmmph.stewpid. guess what wai? ur perfume stinks! *nyek. they're playing winning 11 now. got tired of cheering so i came in to blog. yes justin: we're ps2-ing.muahahahaha.dont u just wish u were here? ahaha. im so mean. i think i have a natural taunting ability. hmm: a gift or a curse?]

moral of the story? dont EVER invite boys- at least not straight ones- to come with u to see a hot guy. they just cant take the competition.blek.bring girls.they'll happily drool with you.*smacks forehead*

haihz. so ended the day with no drifting.nothing.just a bunch of guy friends. 3 guys, a girl n wai's hse(sorry, no pizza place).what did i ever do to deserve this? nvm la. next time la. must never lose hope of making edison fall in love with me. note to self: you're delusional.get help. yea, sure. ;p

oh yea, justin: thanks for coming yea? really appreaciate it. :) wai too, these ppl are so draggable.ehehe. julian and irvin dont count! haha cos u guys already happened to be there.nyek.

how ee: sorry i didnt take any photos. didnt stay was good to see you. should go out for a proper yamcha session hor? haha.till then...

kitty: u have good me.muahhaha.chant with me:*edison, edison..*

ciazo ppl.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm not a salesman, lady

Annoyance is the order of today. ggrrr.

For those not in the know, i am currently working as a publicist.hahaha. nola, just sounds nicer that way. Actually, my job is to distribute The Sun newspapers and publicize a property contest sponsored by FIABCI which is inside. Oh yes, did i mention i have to wear a sandwhich board too? *cringe and swallow massive pride*. hey! it pays well ok..RM40.00 to distrsibute 100 newspapers on fridays ONLY. Today, it took only 30mins to an hr. muahahaha. so, that's like, what? i cant hear you. say it louder.RM 40.00 an hr?wow you learn fast.*grin*the drawback is that have to start at 7.30 a.m. wicked.literally.

oh well, today was my 1st day on the job. brain numb from early morning air.didnt really think about anything much until i saw the sandwhich boards. Pit kuan, my distribution partner was quite sporting n i ws like, "ehehe..shieeeet". Put on the contraption.turned out to be more humongous that i thought. effectively transforming me into a giant robot-in terms of shape n how i walked- okla, im exaggerating. i could still walk normally but just that my arms are
pret-ty short and stuck out awkwardly.quite hard to reach for newspapers also.

Anyway, started distribution in Uptown 3. Met all kinds of people. Made an effort to smile at everyone. had to talked like my tongue was on fire in case they thought i was trying to sell them something and tried to escape.never! my pret-ty.ehehehe.rub hands together like ray. Quite a number of them were nice. but there were a few anti-social ones. People, people, people! im not trying to sell you anything. its free for goodness sake! just take it! im just lifting you out of a state of ignorance.wahahaha.

At one point i got so frus with this bunch of girls-3 of them-i was like" take it! its free!" it took enormous willpower to not roll my eyes. but i bet a slightly pained look was plastered on my face. One woman even said,"i dont read newspapers" (???!!!) my gawd..

of course, most of the bad apples were redeemed by the good ones. those who wished me good morning after i wished them; those who said their thank-yous; those who asked for more! newspapers to give colleagues; those who smiled. of course i had to initiate the smiling 1st. I just kept thinking, "tsuen, no matter what, or who u meet, just keep smiling. People open up easier when you smile, now flash that 14-carat smile of yours, you sexy thing!" pls, dont puke all over your comp.;p dory's "just keep swimming" song shall be my inspiration! trust me to dramatize e-ve-ry-thing. What would we be without the drama? my guess is: bored.

oh yea. next to where i was distributing the papers, there is this food place-not yet a restaurant, not quite a stall. Anyway, there was this dude sitting there with his buddies. staring at me. whats your problem mr.? never seen anyone in the distribution business ka? it was so annoying. more so cause i imagined him sniggering under that annoying mug. yes, i have an over-active imagination. but that doesnt mean im wro-ong.

Im tired liao. That's my adventure for this morn. not as funny as ik's but............err...nothing. Whoa, after all that, im speechless?

Haha. ciazo ppl.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


There are two wise sayings that go,
"People will do anything for their two seconds of fame" and
" Some people will do anything just to get on camera".

Right on the mark, i would say.

Me, iris, wai n nick went to KKKL today to get some footage for our faith embassy shoot. We planned to record anything and everything that looked interesting on camera, which turned out to be some pretty random stuff. Random, but no less interesting. ;p So, there we were, recording(iris) n taking pics(nick) and wai were the ones doing stewpid stuff for the camera. I did stuff i normally wouldnt do but being surrounded by artsy, expresionnist ppl and the aformentioned videocam, i just let myself go..ok not completely but, enough to make a fool of myself, IN PUBLIC..haha. i can practically hear wai say:"so what's new?". watch out mister, ur no innocent urself. heh!

For example, on one of the pedestrian crossing, i mentioned to iris to record me doing big, girly skips as i crossed. And no, i didnt see if anyone was staring, i was skipping too fast;P. Another example was when we were in Starhill or one of those fancy shopping complexes. I saw 3 mannequins posing through the glass windows and managed to convince myself to POSE next to them and pretend to be of their kind..So there i was, going through different poses when suddenly, i hear a clapping sound and someone laughing. I turned to my right and there was this old ang mo couple showing their appreciation for AMUSING them. The dude was clapping and his wife was giggling. Me? i just doubled-over with embarrassed laughter. Damn! why didnt i give a bow? haha..Thank you. Thank you. and they were standing too. so does that count as a standing ovation? haha..u betcha! it's funny how your surroundings are blurred and ur oblivious to them when pulling stunts like this.Hhmmm, probably ur mind's way of numbing the embarrassment and lowering the risk of you chickening out. haha. that must be it.

Later, we went to starbucks which some pastry from bread story. And proceeded to make fools of ourselves. An"argument" broke out between me and wai. And i ended up with pastry up my nose and he with bread crumbs all over his shirt. Iris n nick, enjoying themselves with the comedy and "violence" that unfolded before them. Caught it all on vidcam...haha..cant wait to see it man. Did more stewpid stuff in front of the camera. Footage at starbucks ended with wai saying" faith embassy. Enjoy." or something liddat...hahaha..violent-nya. Oh and that fella poked fun at my ever-growing pimple just beside my nose.grrr.saying it has it's own heart beat etc. hmm, he's probably insecure cos i spotted a pimple on his face at the exact same spot as mine, just not as GIGANTIC. hehe..if there is such a thing as justice, i shall welcome the sight of his new "installment" on his face. will update you-my dear reader- on that. HAHA.

blah, blah, blah, yaddi-yaddi-yadda..etc.went back home after a tiring but fun day. the end.

(haha sorry, i lose interest easily and im pooped, gtg go sleep. hafta wake up at an ungodly hour tomorrow for work.sigh)

Oh and to all you faith embassiers, if the aformentioned footage has escaped the hands of the film editor, then you'll be able to see it. HAHA..see what i go through just to amuse you ppl?


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the ball is in your court

Dear Singapore,

Who do you think you are, some kind of superstar?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


my camera is found!
hiding in my dad's drawer all along...
ish,all worried for nothing.

oh well, wait for the pics of my shoes! hahaha


Monday, June 06, 2005

cant resist. *choke*. losing *cough* willpower.


"welcome to the dark side" says my carnal instinct. "noooooo!" says the responsible side of me whose careful about spending.

lost to the dark side but im happy.

Haha...confused? DUMBFOUNDED(poke in the ribs for Ray ;p) ? let me elaborate.

It seems that everytime i step within KL statelines or more specifically its centre where the hustle and bustle of city life is apparent, i tend to come away from it with a purchase in my hand a.k.a SHOES..tee hee.

ok-la, im exaggerating. But not really, cos since i hardly go to KL, going there twice in the space of 5 days is alot..and2 of those days dont count as i was in ipoh for the weekend. And BOTH those times@ last thurs and mondie i bought shoes..nyek nyek...the sneakers i bought are so cool...i love them to bits. It has this shiny pink fish-scale pattern on it. i know, sound gross rite? dont worry it looks better than it scalies.i even labeled my shoe box: tsuen's scalies...woo thats like mondo weird man..bordering on obsession mayb?
The one i just bought today are just a normal pair of black thong sandals. really comfy. this more out of practicality more than anything. ive worn out my sis's black WH sandals. u should see it. some of u have actually. its all worn out so it looks cool if u keep it on ur feet- sorta like the scuffed end of ur jeans. But take it off while shoe-testing, and u'd be mortified. it has a beggar effect when its not worn u see..hahaha..

i learned something from a friend a.k.a justin. Apparently black suits my feet.haha.oops sidetracked there.back to the topic. I wouldve posted pictures of my scalies and the black one but i cant cos my digicam is MIA. aihz.. all my dad's fault. After he brought it back from china it became temperamental. Just think: camera with mood swings. after that my dad MISPLACED it. goodness knows where it is..come back camera! sorry ive neglected u. haha, surprisingly, even tho i practically have camwhores as friends, i havent turned, YET. well, not really. but i have my moments.haha..

oh well, nick is restless.better go talk to him..hahaha...

ciaoz for nowz.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Sore losers anyone?

To the whiners, moaners and nit-pickers of chelsea

MY GOD. how sore a loser can chelsea get. face it. u lost-and not even at the final-deal with it. Stop yabbering about how gerrard turned actor and faked a penalty.puh-lease. just face it, Liverpool are european champions and those chelsea fans(spiteful ones only) needn't read newspapers nor watch t.v. for the next 3 months lest they over-exert themselves and die of malcontent. This passage is only aimed at afformentioned chelsea fans and not the live-and-let-live kind(if i have offended any, im deeply sorry). Thanks.

Hah! gerrard: faking? good one...hahaha

Below is the transcript of such fans posting msgs during the CL final

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The boredom dilemma..

i once said that "boredom breeds plagiarism" well, true. But that isnt the end of it. Boredom breeds everything else as well; it gives birth to unnatural and unusual acts. It steers us from routine and pushes and prods for us to do things we normally dont. One very glaring example is ME. Being absolutely bored out of my mind has caused me to BLOG...HAHAHA. And blogging is not what i usually do. I'm just too lazy. So lazy, in fact, i'd put a sloth to shame. *run away now little sloth, shame shame* sometimes im just so lazy to put pen to paper; or in this instance err..keyboard to computer screen? hehe. But dont get me wrong. its not that i have nothing to say, its just that im too lazy to TYPE it. i'd much rather SPEAK it which is quite tricky if no one's there to HEAR it..haha..another example, boredom makes one start talking to imaginary objects or beings. Pay close attention and you'd have realised i just asked an imaginary sloth to run away. futhermore, boredom also causes one to say absolutely NOTHING to a bunch of absolute STRANGERS(ok, maybe a stranger chancing upon my site is next to nil but, what the hey) Because as if you are the observant and sharp audience i assume you to be*ahem* i'm sure you would have realised what i have said so far is nonsensical hosh posh.

Ahhh...the things boredom piques you to do..;p...i wonder if anyone has killed in boredom(whoa, now there's a thought) haha..well that puts a new spin around the old adage, BOREDOM KILLS. Doesn't it? *wry smile*..i so feel like stephen king right now. ;)

ciaoz for nowz.