Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This past year has been really harsh as i face up to my inadequacies, my arrogance, my lack of interest and drive, and my constant excuses. A humbling experience. A depressing experience. A breakdown of relatively major proportions.

"Don't dwell on the should haves and could haves. Bring God into your NOWS, and your future.."
- sms from mom.

This is why i love my mom :) she's my rock and emotional support, and right now, the mediator between me and the big Guy "above" ( "above" really is an incorrect albeit commonly used analogy, more like around, beside and within, in every breath, every tear, every laughter, He just IS)

due to my rusty ties(in the process of rebuilding) with God, my mom has been reminding me of His good graces and mercies and guiding me.

My mom has never failed to call me everytime i sent out an sms of distress..I think I've spoken to my mom more in the past few weeks than i ever have in my 3 years abroad. Anywhere, anytime.. she never fails to call me, to comfort me, to calm me down and get me to refocus on the task at hand. No I TOLD YOU SOs, no chiding me for reverting to a blubbering mess akin to a 2 year old.

Thank you Lord for my mommy :)

When you've cut your ties with God, and rely on your own strength and get too arrogant, He humbles you (kao kao :p) yet reaches out to you through someone. And that someone, in this case, is my MOM.

Thanks, mom.


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