Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I beg your pardon?

i KOWTOW to this woman..

(since my mom is the way she is,i can get away with calling her 'woman' lol.)
(and yes, forgetful daugthers grow unsightly facial hair as punishment)

MY MOM - born on the 4th of NOV 19(..) but her useless daughter is only giving her a bday shoutout now..
sorry MA, lui yee but hau (to the people's republic of BANANAS: its canto for 'daughter has no sense of filial piety' :S) *begins to recount whole sob story as to why she couldnt call or even sms*-nah there's no excuse.
but sincerely from the bottom of my heart...
*imagine me on my knees with a sappy puppy dog face*


Hope the kids and the husband were on their best behaviour that day and cleaned up the whole house for you! (oh well, maybe in a perfect world ;p) and i REALLY REALLY hope you guys didnt go 'lao di fang' againnnnn...*eyes my mother suspiciously*
I was definately on my best behaviour la, not even in the country to kacau you..haha
I thank God for you :) .. and your little quirks

aiyak later gotta write justin's one...okla write now :

done ;p

MUAHAHAHAHAHHAA. okla later, lemme sleep 1st *ilek*

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Past life, perhaps?

English, my chinese-pride self is sad to say, is my first language.

So for the past 21 odd years i have have naturally been dreaming in english except of course for dreams that play out like a silent movie.

BUT last night, i dreamt entirely in CANTO.
PERFECT cantonese baby.
A grainy, sepia-tinted dream set in the 1920s - bittersweet and....thoroughly weird.

(those who are aware of the Rosie o'Donnell chingchong scandal on The View will get my joke)

Cant wait for the day, if ever, i dream entirely in BAHASA MELAYU, like one of those PETRONAS national-pride+unity ads. Now that would be well, totally fake....... but still killer! Of course if my ex-BM teachers were somehow able to listen in, it would probably be a finger nails vs. blackboard experience ;p

kenny, jyh giin and moi in a hostel in Vienna, Austria

kenny my adopted kum mou reading me a bedtime story. Yes, im his self-appointed niece, lol.

im obviously dreaming in japanese. obviously.. ;p what else explains me doing that ridiculous pose?

i wonder what a multi-linguist's dreams are like.