Thursday, October 20, 2005

mou liu.

haha i stumbled on someone's blog and did this quiz on the "keys to your heart" keke..true or false? who knows..i think i'll just leave it up to God

for fun : my results
that pic at the top is nice aint it? :)

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Here kitty, kitty, kitty..

Slept at 3 a.m. last night.

Why? cause a CAT saw an open door and waltzed right in. Just like a cat to make itself at home, regardless. Common courtesy isnt exactly in their vocab u know.

But we love them anyway! hahaha

this chubby cat - with smOoOth tiger-esque stripped fur and baby soft paws - just plonked itself on the stair landing in between the ground floor and 1st. there it slept while we bored housemates oohed and aahed over the new and unexpected arrival whilst stroking it..soo manja. One of my hsemates decide to name it T-Zhai. cos the cat, with it lying there and all looked like it had had a full meal and was now very "zhai3". in english it bares more or less the same meaning as stuffed. why she put a T in front i'll never know. She's from Hong Kong btw.

after that i returned to my room- i get bored easily- to continue my chat with justin and julian(my cuz from kent).

and thats when the drama began..

heard a commotion outside and i decided to investigate. hahaha. apparently T-Zhai ran up the stairs into my hsemate's room and hid under her bed. countless devices and words were used to coax the stubborn animal out but to no avail. My hse mate even tried sweet talking it out in cantonese. when i came up with a BRIALLIANT deduction. i said " maybe it doesnt speak cantonese. try english -_-" " well, you dont have to be einstein to know if THAT worked or not..hehe

in the end i got bored-again- and later found out they finally managed to coax T-Zhai out with milk :) we allowed it to stay the night, but for caution's sake we put all our shoes into the boiler room lest T-Zhai decided to let loose any bodily secretions. aiks.

after that i went to sleep. and in the morn was woken up by voices outside. the topic? the cat. found out later on that, that ingrate had decided to do just that - it pee-ed somewhere, im not quite sure where tho @.@ haha. and the girls chased it out. well, hospitality can only strecth so far. soil the carpet and ur outta here..!

here are some pics of our overnight guest who left its mark- literally.

Image hosted by
Working-class PUMA ;p

Image hosted by
Making itself at home -_-"

Image hosted by
What u lookin' at?

Image hosted by


Saturday, October 08, 2005




to FRANCE we will go,
to FRANCE we will go,
hi ho the merry 'o,
to FRANCE we will go.

not very subtle am i?

hahaha.. im going to Toulouse, France to visit the Airbus factory. YEA BAY-BEH! woo hoooooo..!!! but the trip prolly will cost around 50-ish pounds. s'ok! im goin to the airbus factory!

plus, plus, hear this...u WONT believe it! im going to be given FLYING lessons.....aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh *runs in circles* can u say, COOL? omgosh im so freakin excited, i cant see straight. took ALOT of effort not to start bopping in my seat.hehe. oh but the lessons wont be in france of course is so cool! * yea sure tsuen, lemme hear u say that once the assignments start piling up and exams are near ;p *

woe betide every aircraft in the british sky on the day i get my plane off the ground. ;p just pray that i dont suddenly shift into BURNOUT mode.kekeke. i miss that game :(

"she cant even drive properly, and their giving her an aircraft?!"

HOI. i heard THAT.

it might be an aircraft, it might be a airglider. the concept's similiar.

muahahahhahahahahahahhaahhaa...boy this is goin to be so much FUN.

im going to toulose! ;p ,

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Supposed to be...

....memorizing the contents of a menu.

hhmm..something's fishy u ask?

is tsuen bored shitless that she has to resort to memorizing a MENU of all things.

or perhaps she needs it when she goes into the aeronautical industry.


nonono. i got a JOB. thats right. an honest-to-goodness job at an honest-to-goodness chinese take away named New Hong Kong. i work 5pm-11pm on fridays and saturdays. two days a week, 30 pounds a day. and im supposed to stand at the counter to take orders be it by phone or by person.

take meal orders = memorize whole menu

whole menu includes specific no. of dish and price.

PLUS! whopee for me..i have to do quick sums MENTALLY. *groan* oh my poor brain. dang! pampered by the calculator.

take meal orders = memorize whole menu = (93 dishes + 18 side dishes ) x the no. of sums i have to in my head

haha. sorry just had analysis 1 @ maths class today.. elek..but the formula isnt right. the multiplication part anyway.

ok so thats what i SHOULD be doing, instead...i want to blog about my 1st self-cooked meal. i mean ive cooked dishes while i was here before. but the cooking was shared out between me and mates. sooo..this counts as my 1st self-cooked lunch.kekeke. tho i had an assistant who catered to my every whim. "chop the garlic!", "pass me the bowl"...which lead him to say " lui yan zhan hai mah fan -_-"" . stop nodding ur head wai!

and justin and raymond amd nick and..and.. keke

vualah! isnt it magnifique? @.@

actually there was a lot more spag than that. id already scooped some out by the time the photo was taken. it was supposed to be for two.err.. a little too much.. so my friend had two helpings. me? too full lar. so i left the rest for dinner ;p

shit lar. the pic is too small >.< aih lazy ler. and ive GOT to get back to my memorizing. keke.

woo hoo! im going to Rhossili at Gower which is a beach in Swansea...cant wait, cant wait. *rubs hands in eager anticipation* muahahaha...


Sunday, October 02, 2005


10.30 pm. missed the liv vs chelsea EPL match earlier in the day so i went over to a friend's hse to watch the match highlights on telly.

walking alone and in the dark- student village is safe and the hse wasnt very far, got spooked by a voice that said,


tsuen: hak sei ngor meh!

turned to see two white guys sitting on their porch, drinking.

tsuen: u guys scared me.

guy 1: oh sorry. wanna come over and have a chat?

thought bubble: do i look like i was born yesterday?

tsuen: err no thanks. im rushing over to watch football highlights.

guy 1: aww c'mon.

tsuen: i NEED to watch the highlights.

guy 1: football highlights are shit.

tsuen: i missed the match i have no choice. *hurry over to friends hse on opp end*

guy 1: love u (???!!!! just how drunk are these ppl?)

*knock on the door* stupid KP stands on the other side doing nothing. he wants me to freeze u see. -_-"

go in. watch highlights. ciao. thank God those guys went back into their hse.


on a lighter note :)

i now know where to watch footie for free! the casinos and pubs allow u to watch cable for free plus drinks (with the exception of alc) are on the hse..kekeke. and i have people who'll watch it with me. people who i can trust of course.


while waiting for the bus a few days back i evesdropped on a conversation ;p and found out that UK has the highest pregnancy rate in the world or EU, i forgot. no kidding. i see young girls pushing baby prams all over the place. walau. thats scary.

haha. im in a blogging mood.


Wa-hey, im in UK!

okay. so i cried at the airport.

no biggie.
too bad for u guys who missed it. kekeke ;p

23rd sept '05 : 11. 30 pm

- found out my flight was delayed by 2 WHOLE hrs. made friends with total strangers; a girl from kl goin to warrick, uk, seniors from swansea and freshies, like me :)

- on plane, sat next to an ang mo couple. watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants (kitty: typical teen chick flick. seriously. no hint of originality whatsoever -_-")

24th sept '05 : 7.00 am

- touchdown. stood in line at customs for a unbearably long time. went to collect baggage. thank God for guys :). hadnt realised i brought so many *sheepish smile* ehehe. sat on a bus to swansea for a stretch of time- i was drifting in and out of sleep so i dont remember.

- reached my student village. room not as small as i thought it would be :). unpacked. went out looked for my hsemate johnson whom i met on the plane. sei ma lau went out and left me alone.

- went out of hse, nearly got scared to death by an ang mo guy(micheal vartan lookalike, cept cuter) who greeted me at the door as i was walking out. find out we're neighbours. met 2 other welsh guys and a spanish dude. get drinks and chat. follow them to the pub in the village- IDOL'S bar. british people drink ALOT. i brought water along. keke ;p prob the only one there drinking water. tried cider tho, it was really good. got educated on the different types of alcohol. ;p. learn a few welsh and spanish words.

the next few days:

- went to TESCO to get imp stuff. like: FOOD.

- went for a international night organised by the Swansea CU(christian union). fun fun fun. we had a quiz and my grp won 3rd. met more people. one of the guys from the CU looked SO much like Paul Bettany (male lead in WIMBLEDON). i have pictures to prove it. met another dude who's engaged; at 20! (justin: poke poke ;p hahaha) met a mongolian chick with unconventional beauty@.@ and various other people.

me and *nyek*nyek* paul bettany

- been busy settling my uni stuff. like enrolling: my lecturer is nice :) , getting my student ID, opening a bank account, getting internet connection etc. met other people blah blah blah.

- we have an eating ritual now. frens come over to my hse for breakfast; me and my 2 hsemates go over to their hse to cook dinner. because for dinner it's like, 7 guys and a girl(me) i am FORCED to eat faster lest the food run out -_-""" . plus i snack in between and no longer have the sensation of being FULL. shit. this is bad. hahaha.

- weather here is like genting :) unless the wind blows. slowly getting used to it.

- so far, not homesick YET.

- no jetlag.

this is as condensed as i can get. sorry if still too cheong hei. keke

malaysia is still my home :) ,