Sunday, December 25, 2005

Blast to the Past: Part 2



knew we'd get bored during the hols so i bought a poker set on the way back from gatwick airport(i went to toulouse ma. the trip was ma-ma-dei only. translation: so-so. but airbus was awesome!)

heh. nothing much to say cept that we pretty much pigged out on nachos and choc fudge with ice cream whilst playing black jack and poker. and i pretty much suck at gambling. which is a good thing ;p not forgetting that johnson(room 1) is the cacat-est dealer ive ever seen. ROTFL. he should rethink his career options..

after awhile the girls dropped out and let the boys do their thang. my dough was running low so instead of losing out-and-out i decided to safe face and BOW OUT and donate the rest of my money to the boys. heh. wai will be the 1st to tell you about my ego. :P

pics can be seen at my multiply
just click on the link that says: tsuen's crap multiply
lazy to post pics up.

Blast to the Past: Part 1


last day of uni bay-beh!

house 2 celebrates by having our very own steamboat.

with self-made wantons and the whole she-bang. well, not quite the whole she-bang cos well, we're all students here and the only seafood we can afford are crabsticks :S

s'ok! we're intelligent ppl. so we improvised. the menu consisted off: hand-made wantons, crabsticks, sausages, various types of meat balls(self-rolled) , vegetables, fu-chuk, glass noodles, prawns (that shrink when wet btw *raises eyebrow*) , and mushrooms.

here we are making wantons:
Image hosted by

here's the various meat:
Image hosted by

room 9 and room 7 playing with the meat:
Image hosted by

the result: looks like a badly burnt victim dontcha think?
Image hosted by

room 1 washing the veg: we ran out of bowls *snigger*
Image hosted by

making our sauces
Image hosted by

makan! dig in! pek- ah!
Image hosted by

room 8 does some serenading. a blink fan.
Image hosted by

the girls proved their mettle against the boys by trouncing them on the amount of helpings taken. v(^.^)v

we had 3 rounds in total. lasting until 6 a.m. in the morn.
in between we transformed our kitchen into a karaoke lounge.

good stuff.

she's back

sorry for the long hiatus people. i got lazy *snigger*
just before Christmas hols i was:

bombarded with truck loads of assignment by my heartless lecturers

+ im working
forced to take leave from blogging

And once your're out of the blogging groove, its hard to get back in. as i have so duly demo-ed.

But(to the dismay of my readers) i have decided to fill you in on what ive been up to thus far. heeheehee.

Do not fret my little nasty pirates and fiesty poppets(i watched pirates of the carribean again, so sue me ;p )im not gonna blog about them in this post.

this post is just to pre-empt you.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

i betcha' dont!

i bet that McDonald's chains in sunny sunny msia dont have this:

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aahh..just an ordinary Mcflurry u say?
well me dears, there are after all TWO sides to every story

Image hosted by

*evil laughter*
let me just say: ITS SO GOOD. ;p~


finally watched harry potter, frankly i was more keen on exorcism of emily rose but theyd already bought tix.
oh well at least it was better than the 3rd one. i dont even remember what that one was about -_-""



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wuen(left) and kitty(right) are FINALLY 19! hehe what took ya so long? ignore the one in the middle, its not her birthday yet..kakaka just kidding chingz dear

just think. im the 1st one of this bunch to reach the big 2-0. NO. must pro-long last teen year as long as possible. must renounce birthday date. its a conspiracy i tell you, i wasnt born in march i was born in december as well >.<

wish i was back home to celeb with these crazy old farts.

sigh. anywayz im gonna hit the sack. its been a LONGGG day. and if i have time + mood i'll blog about it. but im betting ur praying that i dont ;p

well, TOUGH.

ta'ra.(thats how the british say goodbye)