Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Raw emotions

WARNING: SPOILER BELOW. if you havent watched WINDSTRUCK yet and you intend to somewhere in the near/far future. stop it right HERE. do not proceed any further.
its a korean movie btw. and for those who dont plan to watch it, you too shouldnt read on cos i seriously reccomend that you do WATCH it. i INSIST. haha. if you were here i'd twist ur arm into watching it. muahahaha. so watch it quick then read this post. kekeke.

yes, yes, i'm SLOW. i know. believe me, ive been waiting ages to watch this movie. and guess where i watched it in the end? YOUTUBE. no tv? no vcd? well, hehe we Lims are resourceful ppl. nvm the annoying pixels- beggers cant be choosers hei?

another movie i'd recommend is My Sassy Girl. my aunt intro-ed me to this one a long time ago. but i wasnt a blogger then so im telling you now if you havent seen it yet :P

----------------------------------------------------------------------(cut off point)

so anyway,

i've just spent the last half hour bawling my eyes out. you know: the lump in throat thing, toilet roll by my side, the whole she-bang. the last time i cried so badly was during Passion of the Christ.

all for a truly tragic love story. T-R-A-G-I-C. so heart-wrentching that i both hate it and love it. heck, Romeo & Juliet cant touch this movie. even titanic -considered as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

maybe its because Leo Dicaprio has always annoyed me :P
or maybe there no sexual element in it. its pure. its an honest-to-goodness- stripped-down-to-its-bare-bones love story. the connection between two people. full-stop. its actually refreshing that they never kissed- altho i secretly hoped they would before he left. just once.

but wanna know what the scariest part is? after he died, and when she attempted to commit suicide a few times, i hoped she would succeed. :(

i actually felt her pain. her hopelessness. and the realisation that he was gone and would never again be by her side. to lose someone you love so much. the thought if having to move on, without him. shit, having let suicide cross my mind as an option scared me. because, no one should EVER take his/her own life under ANY circumstance. its just wrong. perhaps i was all swept up in the moment. whatever it is,

what i felt is only a MINUTE fraction of what God must feel when we stray.

though most of the scenes were absolutely absurd, the whole movie is just so sweet that you just take it with a pinch of salt and go along for the ride. hei, no one said it was an oscar winner right?

Monday, January 30, 2006


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house 2 celebrates without ang paus and (biological) family ;p
but we make do :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Have a rockin New Year from the grrrls of house 2! May the rest of your year be truly blessed.

Image hosting by Photobucket
no i wasnt tipsy, just being a little TOO camera friendly. i wasnt the only one to pose like this but im afraid they might skin me alive if i post them up. kekeke. oh well, im game :P

Hope you guys had a RAD CNY spent with good company; filled with endless food, ang paus, incessant cny songs on telly, mandarin oranges and jolly shandy!

missing y'all back home ;(

pics will be up on my multiply soon. and IRISS update ur multiply lah! hehehe


Monday, January 23, 2006

the hilarious-ness of it all

check this

their on par with the "two chinese boi"

cracked me up. :P

on another note:
this is R-A-D. like, totally(haha).
wai you'll like this ;p

Saturday, January 21, 2006

do try it at home kids :P

got this from Joce's blog and it CRACKED ME UP.

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Tsuen!

  1. If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill tsuen!
  2. Peanuts and tsuen are beans!
  3. Tsuen can pollinate up to six times more efficiently than the honeybee.
  4. All of the roles in Shakespeare's plays - including the female roles - were originally played by tsuen.
  5. Women shoplift four times more frequently than tsuen!
  6. In the kingdom of Bhutan, all citizens officially become tsuen on New Year's Day.
  7. The state nickname of Iowa is 'The tsuen state'!
  8. Ostriches stick their heads in tsuen not to hide but to look for water!
  9. The horns of tsuen are made entirely from hair.
  10. On stone temples in southern India, there are more than 30 million carved images of tsuen.
I am interested in - do tell me about
i'll HAVE YOU KNOW that items 7 & 10 are entirely TRUE. muaahahahhaha.

Friday, January 20, 2006

WARNING: nerd post

wahahaha im sooo excited.

check this out:
New Horizons Mission
(Thanks Jason for the tip ;p woohoo i can link things now)

Images courtesy of NASA

we're laucnhing a spacecraft to PLUTO baby. ok not WE per-se. NASA is. check this, its the fastest launch EVER and will pass by the moon in 9 hours whereas Apollo 11(1st moon landing) took 3 days to land on the moon. boy have we advanced. anyway the STAR spacecraft will pass the moon and continue on a trajectory to PLUTO the (supposed) farthest planet in our solar system. apparently scientists says there might be more than 9 planets. woOooooO...

anyway it'll take more than 9 yrs to reach Pluto so dont hold ur breath ppl ;p hmm 2015. i'll be 29! for goodness sake..omg so old, but hopefully old but working on something SUBSTANTIAL and SIGNIFICANT like oh i dunno..say..involved in a space project to check out those other alleged planets? hahahahaha. dream,dream,dream.. or maybe pioneering the field in msia? hmm maybe not so excited.

stay on to see another video about NASA's other project which just got home(earth)..apparently it holds stardust which will unlock the secrets to the formation of this solar system as we know it. it's apparently older than the sun!(the stardust from a comet)

their all like" woOooO"
see the guy flashing the peace sign? haha

the grid thing in the middle called the Aerogel dust collecter is what holds the stardust.
Images courtesy of NASA
the way they collected it is not unlike the phoon bros and their mozzie killing escapades ;p

wahh due to my excitement i misconstrued the no.s(duration of the vid) 2:00 for TWO HOURS when it was actually 2 mins :((( cheh potong-nya..i was soooo up for it man. cheh.cheh.cheh.

visit the NASA website for more info on the mission

interesting tit-bit: Pluto is named after the god of the underworld. HOW COOL IS THAT?! greek mythology -_- and a 11 year old girl named it.wahhh and her uncle named Mars'(the god of war) two moons: Phobos and Deimos. those two are my fav names in our solar system :) what a cool family

but anyway check it out ppl. ;p

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Surprise, surprise

guess who showed up at the oscars?

Image hosted by
Holy cow! its stephen chow!

guess who had a killer dress? (that i wouldnt mind as a wedding dress ;p)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Kate Beckinsale!
check out the back.

2nd runner up?
Image hosted by
Evangeline Lily.
purely for the colour of her dress, eyes and ear-rings. emerald GREEN baby. HAHA

guess who was the key-u-test/ most adorable couple on the red carpet?

Image hosted by
Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams

guess which rock queen decided to rock up?

Image hosted by
Alanis Morrisette.
Check out her diamond cuffs: conventional rocker with a red carpet twist. she looks gorgeous doesnt she?

best look on the carpet?

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Natalie Portman.
hands down. LOVE her pixie cut and cool dress. yes, i have a THING for lace. ;p

ADRIEN BRODY was there as well, but he looked so wash out and haggard so decided not to put him in ;p the guys were boring as USUAL. no cute guys. gyllenhaal was a no-show. bore.bore.bore.

bring on the OSCARS baby.

Golden Globes 2006

Go here go here go here! :

as you knw golden globes was held yesterday.well go to the above and click on joaquinn pheonix's video clip (he won best actor in musical/comedy category, baby!)
hahaha its HILARIOUS i tell you. it's the post-show press conference and he's so uncomfortable answering so many questions its just so CUTE. plus, he has this are-we-finished?-cos-need-to-pee-really-really-badly expression the whole time.

oh and click on the sandra oh one as well. she's so high she cant think straight. she's practically bouncing of the walls. cuteness.

also they both look like they just wanna get the hell outta that press conference place. cause as joaquinn said (OUTLOUD) : "its kinda BORING" .omg. hahaha poor reporters. i really wouldnt wanna be them, holding back the winners of the night from their party-ing/celebrations.

gotta jet! gotta study aerospace. dont worry you're all invited to my funeral. hehe
im so gonna fail *whimper*

Sunday, January 15, 2006

IM the victim.

here i am being a good little girl,
exercising my maths skills so i dont fail tomorrow
(dont worry mom, i wont ;p)
and blog surfing
(im bummed to read that not many people had a good 2005)
fyi, im a compulsive multi-tasker.

then sudddenly a sound interrupts me. cos its annoying and VERY AUDIBLE.

its my housemate teh-ing with her bf.
(tho she maintains that its like, totally platonic. HELLO. we are neither blind nor DEAF for that matter) oh won't thoust take pity on my poor ears?
dont worry, their not doing the do. pls, the girls of hse 2 are all angels *cue: halos*

but the thing is. the walls and floor boards in the student village are all way TOO THIN. so therefore you hear EVERYTHING. luckily, i have no problems sleeping when the noises of the night plays its tune. well, cos i sleep like a pig. my sis will tell you that :P and i thank God.. i seriously thank HIM for giving me a house of all asians. why? u ask. well asians are MOSTLY conservative(tho a dying breed), and ang mohs are well, not.
You do the math.

hahahahaha..he's screaming in pain now..i cant help but wonder why...i cant contain it. its just soo funny..hahaha..hey im not being a busybody with no life k. i was studying, they interrupted me. im but an innocent bystander/room-sider forced into situations beyond my control. hahahaha. unless i bust their room and say: now kiddies, play nice :) dont say googly stuff within my hearing range. but that would be unfair wont it? i mean people deserve their privacy. but its just their luck that i have a blog. *snigger*

the moral of the story is: girls of house 2, dont teh with ur bfs under this roof because i will blog about it. kekekeke.

FINALLY. elvis has left the building.

ok. back to those maths questions.

P/S: even if she reads this. she'll forgive me ;pppp prap-parap-pap-pada

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

rain rain go away

im sick.

and it sucks not having my mom to take care of me, and cook me tasteless noodles or bland porridge to make me better.

now, i gotta make my own 'chin tong' noodles.
now, i gotta remind myself to drink more water, get more rest, eat living pills and drink refresh.
now, i got no one to 'fook si ngor' (layan me)


haha obviously im doing something wrong cos my condition just gets worse.

Rain by Breaking Benjamin perfectly defines my mood right now. too bad i dont know how to insert songs into my blog. cis

Sunday, January 08, 2006

i watched KONG

meet my newest crush:

Image hosted by
isnt he the most sizzling piece of steak you've ever seen?
ok, dont answer that.
he just draws you in with those sad, sleepy eyes of his.

what attracts me?
Image hosted by

his huge, crooked nose and lopsided grin :P~

Image hosted by

i have absolutely NO IDEA why i think his nose is sexy, so dont ask. it just is ;)

didja know he's the youngest winner for the OSCAR'S best actor accolade?

Image hosted by

as if you guys arent bored enough already, MORE PICTURES! hahahaha

Image hosted by poser -_-""

Image hosted by right back 'atcha

Image hosted by alteregos..wooo that nose :P~
hey waidaminute. the one on the extreme left kinda looks like a skinnier version of hugh jackman dunnit? and the one on the extreme right resembles orlando bloom. hmm.

ALSO ALSO ALSOOO, he's got the sexiest voice. and im definately NOT a fan of his taste in clothes. to spare you guys from his hideous taste in clothing i didnt post any of those up. thank me later.


my dad is prolly gagging right now :P
he always insisted that i take down my comp's wallpaper of seth green(its long gone) and put his(my dad's) pic up there. hahahaha. FATHERS. you gotta love them. i know i love mine :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

An ode to a cousin

wa-hey IRIS!

you're 21!

Happy Birthday doll! hope you dont kena from everyone too bad :P

my god you mean its soooo puny? !@#%^&!@$%

i'll fix it later. i gotta jet. stupid intoduction to materials is haunting me. exams, BAH!