Saturday, May 24, 2008

I should be studying dammit!

JOSIAH LEMING, birthed from the rejection from American Idol but evolved into an overnight phenomenon with a voice that finally found its place.

Although it is old news and I only discovered his existance after all had been said and done about the Story of Josiah, the boy who lived in his car for 10 months, risking everything for a singular passion for his music, eager to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen.

I for one am glad that he never got through to the top 24 of American Idol because I think that his, for lack of a better word, limited vocal range wouldnt be able to compete with the BIG and more mainstream voices of the other contestants on such a mainstream show. I also think he cant and shouldnt sing any song but his own, which weirdly enough is meant to be a compliment (;p). So he's a little pitchy, so he doesnt sing like David Archuleta, but sometimes theres something beautiful in a being a little pitchy, something exciting in a little rebellion from cookie-cutter melodies, something extremely engaging in not having a perfect techique.

Personally, David Archuleta bored me. I mean no disrespect to his talent but hmm.. everyone and anyone who has talent all seem to sound like that lah. Ballads just seem so safe and bland and overused, not to mention overplayed. NEXT! (David Cook on the other hand rocked all the songs that were thrown his way and made it his own. He had me at Billie Jean :) Dang! I just wish he wasnt an American Idol, i mean exposure is good, winning it, eh not so good. But thats another story for another day)

Josiah's voice is incredibly beautiful- raw and haunting but I think it is his self-penned lyrics that really complete him and complement his voice. I believe it is his vulnerable, unadulterated and soulful lyrics that allow his voice to come full circle. There's something about the way he writes and expresses himself that is really easy for me to relate to, even though i've never even experienced half of the emotions/experiences displayed in his writing, and it manages to be abstract and artistic but not to the point where i dont know what the hell he's talking about.

Its also funny to see how Josial Leming is American, speaks with a Tennessee(did i spell that right?) drawl but sings with a British accent. Lol, really you can actually hear Snow patrol, Coldplay and a little bit of Travis in his voice when he sings. Maybe thats why I like him so much.

He sings with his heart on his sleeve and to see him play the piano with such fevour and madness really is amazing to watch. However, I'm slightly irked by the fact that he bears an eerie resemblance to Jesse mcCartney and no, I dont find either of them attractive, not bad looking, just not my cup of tea *wink*.

Moving on, I am really glad he's got a recording contract (with Warner Bros) although I do wish he had signed with an indie record label instead because then you'd know without a doubt he would be allowed more artistic freedom which may not neccessarily gel with a more mainstream audience.

But you take what you can get in life and well, I'd say he's doing pretty darn well for himself right now.

I'll leave you with some clips of his songs (i love all of them- the ones that he wrote)

SERIOUSLY THEY COULD BE SINGLES ALREADY! im definately getting his album.


Blogger Janelle said...

love his voice - just filled with so much raw emotion.

and woman, u've got way too much time on your hands to write such a long post!

and the harnesses are a coming!! yay!!

10:16 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I LOVE his voice too!! I see Damien Rice in him, somehow; maybe it's the writing =)
and janelle's right, you wrote so much!
okla, you need to destress lol
all the best, fast fast finish exams then go home!

8:08 AM  
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1:11 PM  
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