Tuesday, May 29, 2007



sorry there was no sms, i was mentally and physically immersed in DYNAMICS 1. hohoho

this shoutout is only temporary as im at my last two 'hurdles' and lest i trip over and break my neck, i need to study...

so ignore this, take it as a formality and wait for the REAL shoutout ;p

love u babe.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The exam period is fertile ground for distractions

i will blog to get it off my chest.

i want this digicamera:

no worries, i can get this one myself
i want this man:

uhm tae woong.
getting this one will be a tad bit tricky.

call me superficial + delusional + wtv.
i know i run deeper than that.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

excuse my french

one word describes today's exam paper.


and it aint pretty.

someone fly me to korea.
to meet my oppa.

im delusional.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


small in stature; big in heart
passive in conversation; active in prayer
light in cooking style; heavy in wisdom
weak at dishing out discipline but skilled at emotional blakmail(>.<)
may not be book-smart but has truckloads of common sense
paranoid but with good intentions
shorter than her kids but taller in spirit
a nagger but also someone who listens
comedic but also gets scarily stone-faced
a mother
a wife
an elder sister
a cousin
an aunt
NOT a grandma
(hell, i aint ready ;p)
Mom, though motherhood/parenthood is 1 year of joy and 50 years of suffering, i sure hope that that one year makes the other fifty worth it.
Pa, take her to Kiew Kiew Parlour for a massage! hahaha (private joke)

Saturday, May 12, 2007




my mom is hilarious :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

serial mugger

i have just spent a record 13 hours at UNI today!

mugging on a project hohoho.

i was almost the last person to leave the engineering building.

quite creepy having the whole partially lit building to yourself.

just only one PHD student whom i could see from the lab windows left to 'accompany' me. His back was facing me therefore i could see his computer screen, nothing much to report tho- he wasnt using the high-speed/bandwidth uni connection to do anything SCANDALOUS.

huahuahua. shame, i was getting a tad bored.

just in case u think im a total sad case being able to take such inhumane hours at the uni all alone, i wasnt- i had friends there with me for about 10 hours. delirium got to them - weaklings.

this was me last term, pretending to be hardworking.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

of race car dynamics and ridiculous theories

ive rediscovered my passion for engineering...

..amazing what the beauty and power of a good debate+discussion can do to you.

so i sound like a total nerd, so what? im happy:)
unphotoshopped, home made version with a total disregard of lighting+angles and all that jazz.
rock out, rock hard people!

Monday, May 07, 2007

there is so much..

i just dont know where to start.

Love life:
my heart and ego are waging war with each other.
why this person?

is this place so barren that i've hung on to the most unlikely choice?
a choice which begs a question that can never be answered. Or rather, i dont want it answered because i know very well that he's been cut,

and i'll never be her.

shau fun, my ego was winning and then he does something, and my heart answers. Damn it, it answers.

i was having a conversation with a friend the other day on the subject of chemistry- not of science but of the boy-meets-girl variety.
and he said, why do you need chemistry?
excuse me? i dont know about you but id like to date someone because we clicked on some level and not out of boredom or the fact that i want to move out of single-ville.

im not being picky and i wont settle.

swansea is barren. swansea is barren. it's the perfect place to study. and yet, there's that boy whose eye contact i crave but really, we have nothing to talk about.

contradictory rant i know. i technically like no one but maybe because of that i do like someone.


i've been having serious doubts about engineering. i'm thinking i should've done something else, something that comes naturally, like a second skin- effortless and comfortable. Something like psychology or english lit.

but then, deep down im just making excuses. i'm like a guy who's about to get hitched and knows he will miss his batchelorhood so badly he's getting cold feet. And turning 21 did it for me.

21 is different. Its an age where responsibilities are no longer a priviledge but something that is expected of you. As a child i always prided myself in doing the responsible thing. I had a choice, and i was responsible. But now, i no longer have a choice, rather im obligated to do it. For now, it's summer placement, soon a job, then marriage and subsequetly maybe, someday, children.

21 is no different and yet, it is.

but im sucking it up and sticking to my guns. engineering it is. I enjoyed my trip to Airbus :) it was alot of fun. But these people are brilliant and the fact is im scared of being called stupid. Engineering - the men are brilliant and confident while the women are still very much second class. Tsuen, you've always wanted to rumble with the big boys, now buck up and show them what you got!!!

dont run from adulthood. dont run from your responsibilities.

sorry guys, heavy issues and internal struggles are the theme of this post.
also, contraditory rants.

I need prayer and i need people who can support me spiritually. I need direction.

i know this'll only get my parents worried. but what the hey i need to let it out. i'll expect a call. hohoho.

p/s: my 21st birthday was awesome tho! haha
pics are from the "heartempics" link

and now i have to get back to: Understanding race car dynamics