Sunday, April 20, 2008


just a simple THANK YOU to my LORD.

for His protection during my skydive, void of fear or nervousness(but im siao like that, i live for the thrill baby ;p), plenty of adrenaline and excitement. PLUS the pretty weather as soon as we got up there.

will blog more about the skydive i did for charity once im done with my thesis ;p

accompanied with pictures of me in a helmet that made me look like i was part of the cast from "CONEHEADS"

OBVIOUSLY im the pretty one on the left la ><

didnt have enough money for a vid of the jump tho :( ----->110 quid wei! oh well, only serves as an excuse to GO AGAIN!

oh and the free-fall (b4 the parachute is opened) was over too quick for my liking.. about 6,000 ft of free fall..dang it.. next time im gonna go 20,000 ft if i ever go for seconds!

next up: BUNGEE JUMPING IN NZ!...or europe, whichever opportunity arises 1st..

p/s: i think it would have been so much cooler tho if i had friends and family to see me jump.. i guess i would feel more bangga about it.. but family not here and friends all say they wanna come but all sleeping at home la :s tho i do admit it was too early in the morning



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