Monday, March 21, 2005


ISh, how can people write blogs? it takes so much work...the blog is parallel to the diary..'cept..these diaries have no keep-out-or-ill-give-u-a-wedgie function...hmm...
i dont do diaries...too hard to keep up..probably get bored with it after awhile..i remember one time i asked, no,pestered my mom for a diary as my 12th birthday present- it was the prettiest diary in the world. In the end i got it...'cept..i'll be 19 in three days and the diary is still unused. I have been tempted to give it away as a present since its so cute n still brand least in terms of usage anyway..haha..but damn it, my mom wrote a birthday msg to me on the 1st pg...oh maann.
N u know what? i think i just wrote a full paragraph of nothings...woo hoo! im actually blogging

we'll see if this lasts...


quirky motives

MY 1st pot...i mean "post"..haha..actually im doin this just so i can see the templates and im not seriously thinking of writing a blog unless of course, i go overseas..hehe ;)