Monday, July 25, 2005


haha. i was chatting with a friend one day about how he rates girls. the purely physical aspect of rating. and i was quite surprised at how he rated girls. ruthless, in a word. hahaha.. his is on a scale of 1 to 10. so it got ME to thinking about how i rate guys. and i found out that when it comes to thinking who's hot and who's not, ahaha, i either have really weird, *ahem* UNCONVENTIONAL taste or i dont have very high expectations. seems like i like most tom, dick and harrys. but then againnn, there's always the bobs, matts and jacks the i dont like. ehehe.

so anyway, instead of a numbering scale, ive put mine under categories. i dont rate them. too tricky. cute means cute. then end. haha. oh u guys might want to skip thru the names. im not very selective.ehehe. ;p

definition: curly hair. nuff said. dreadlocks are cool too.
eg: gabriel cade (from survivor marquesas) , ethan zohn(survivor africa), brandon boyd(incubus lead) and many, many, many more.

def: this one im abit picky. mostly i think nerds will look good as long as they update their clothes sense and get a pair of specs that actually suits their face shape. cos i think ALL guys are cuter with specs on. oh, and wash their hair.
eg: adam brody, matthew ferguson(comp whiz birkoff from la femme nikita), that dude who wears the same shirt everyday from lizzie mcguire.

def: haha. their asian. hey dont get me wrong, its not like i think guai lo's are all hot and asians are not. its just that i dont know how to grp them. they dont have curly hair, are not nerds etc. so i grped them together.
eg: Jang hyuk(korean), kwon sang woo(kor), Edison chen(duhh), wong he, Chang chen(the barbarian from crouching tiger, hidden dragon), Daniel wu.

def: they play sports. ahaha. nothing hotter than a guy who's passionate about sports.
eg: football= pablo aimar(valencia, he's got curly hair 2), luis garcia(liv), gianluigi buffon(juventus). X-treme sprt= blake dennis(roller-blades), takeshi yasutoko(rb), aiyo xgames got alot la. tennis= lleyton hewitt, xavier malisse and gaston gaudio.

def: and i thought i was over them.
eg: orlando bloom(1st impression when he appeared on LOTR, "another blond" rolls eyes. smitten by his archery skills 1st, then only realised he was the END of the movie. haha)

def: eyes and demeanor. u feel as if they'll burn right through u.
eg: joaquinn phoenix and jake gyllenhaal.

def: old enough.
eg: matthew modine and mickey rourke.

my personal fav:

def: they crack me up
eg: seth green and seann william scott

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Random episodes in malls

edits: in red

-tried on this really cute Ink Weave Front dress from miss selfridge. which is weird cos i dont really DO dresses. hmm, maybe im like hormonal or something. But anywayyy, its the cutest dress ever and it actually looks good on me! *gasp* ive just got to have it. but alas, for a cool RM 183.00, my parents think it's rm 183.00 TOO MUCH. actually i think so spend a bomb on a dress which im probably never going to wear.hahaha. but its been playing on my mind since and i tried it on, on monday for goodness sake! damn dress, wont leave me alone.
anyhoo, here's the pic of it.
(the pic will be uploaded shortly, just as soon as jason figures out..haha thanks jason! ur tha bomb! just this once)

THE dress

wahaha. i hope i dont get sued by miss selfridge. hey its free advertising.
finally dress is here. thanks jason and nick. :)

1 UTAMA(today)
- walking around with my family i saw a scene in a shop that i thought was really sweet. it was in an accessory shop and this mid 50s-60s couple were in it. The husband was putting on an earring for his wife. and on his face was an expression that said" oh, better not apply too much force, carefully now, wouldnt want to rip her ear off", caring, warm and a little cheeky. as if her ear was the most delicate thing in the world.while he was doing this she was giggling like a little schoolgirl. abit embarassed like how a girl gets when someone she loves blatantly shows her affection in public.

the thing is, these two were not your average young-giggly-and-in-the-early-throes-of-love couple. they were old and married. its not often(at least among asians) that elderly couples to show affection to each other. much less in public! Nowadays, if the marriage does not end in divorce, they will probably bicker to their deathbeds. call me cynical but its true. or maybe ive watched too many american tv shows. haha.

i too hope for a relationship with my future husband that resembles that elderly couple. at that age, when passion and heat has long since gone, we are left with commitment, loyalty and trust which is probably more substantial than passion but no more important. just a different feeling in different phases of your life together.*sigh*they were so sweet. at that age, i think you find each other bad habits annoying yet somehow ENDEARING still. and mayb even sexy? haha if i were talking about this with iris, i can see her go" ohmygosh, he's is sooOo sexy when he farts...ohh lala" hahaha. rightttt. then we'd laugh like nobody's business. miss her laugh already.

ah well, just me, thinking wayy too much. but u know, u cant help wondering, i guess.

oh yes, and i tried on another dress at miss selfridge. so nice! but not as nice as the one above.heehee. cheaper tho. but makes me look as if im preggers. empire cut ma. oh and i dreamt about it last night. haha. obsession.

*wails and rolls on the floor* i wanna go shopping! sales! why do i hafta workkk?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


For those of you who haven't watched The Village by M. Night Shyamalan.(oh his cameo is pretty subtle and fleeting so PAY ATTENTION. if not u'll miss it) Stop right here. Spoiler below. its not really a "spoiler" in the sense that i give away the twist or the gist of the story. No, what i've posted below is a scene from the movie. The MOST romantic scene ever in terms of dialogue and emotion, nothing physical tho(sorry guys) hhahahaa.

For those who haven't watched but dare to read, dont worry, it wont spoil your cinematic experience.(for when you DO watch it)

*sigh* i just have to post this.

The Village: the porch scene.
Characters: Lucius Hunt(male lead-joaquin phoenix) and Ivy Walker(female lead-bryce dallas howard. a noob*, but she's goooood)

Ivy is blind and Lucius rarely speaks unless spoken to.
In this scene Ivy is startled awake by someone sitting on the porch just beyond her window. She walks out and sits next to Lucius. He remains silent so she speaks 1st.

Ivy: The elders are going to have an inquiry tomorrow. Each member of the village is to be
questioned at the meeting hall.

Lucius: To see how the border was breached?

Ivy: Yes.

Lucius: It is cold outside. You ought to go in.

Ivy: Why are you on this porch?

Lucius: It is not safe?

Ivy: There are other porches. (Silence)
Do you find me too much of a tomboy?(oh man, this one hits home ;p) I do long to do boy things. Like that game the boys play at the stump. They put their backs to the woods and see how long they can wait before getting scared. It's so exciting.(pause) I understand you hold the record. It will never be broken, they say.

Lucius: It's just children's games.

Ivy: How is it you are brave when all the rest of us shake in our boots?

Lucius: I do not worry about what will happen. Only what needs to be done. How did you know i was here?

Ivy: I saw you at the window. No! I won't tell you your colour. Stop asking.(she whispers)
When we are married, will you dance with me? (Lucius looks up at her, astonished) ( i like
her, she doesnt mince her words. i've been told i do the same ;p) I find dancing very agreeable. (pause) Why can't you say what is in your head?

Lucius: Why can you not stop saying what is in yours?! (wah piang!**) Why must you lead
when i want to lead? If i want to dance, i will ask you to dance. If i want to speak, I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further.
Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time i wake?
What good can come from my saying that i sometimes cannot think clearly or do my
work properly? What gain can rise from my telling you the only time i feel fear as
others do....(pause) is when i think of you in harm. (*sigh* *faints on the floor*) That is
why i am on this porch Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes,
(he says softly and gently) I will dance with you on our wedding night.

She tears, He caresses her face, they kiss.

Isn't it magnificent? so sweeeeet. After i watched the movie i was like " i want a silent, quiet type". *swoon* they act all timid and etc then after much provocation, they pounce on you. wahhh. hahaha. but anyway, its been quite some time since i've watched the movie and reality has since brought me back down to earth.

reality no. 1: there is no such guy.
reality no. 2: even if there is such a guy, i beh tahan quiet types la. haha.

but...isnt joaquin pheonix just so gooood? his acting, his eyes: intense is the key word here.

oh damn! my dad just gave me homework :s ....say whatttt? he wants me to manipulate some fonts for him. hmmm, never knew i looked like a computer genius. wahahaha...

oh yea, i copied the above dialogue all by hand from the vcd.(im so dedicated, blekk) yay! dont you just love ori vcds? they dont stick or stutter. so easy, so smooth when you want to reverse it or forward it or just plain pause it.

(*)- noob is dota slang for newbie. aiks. spending wayy too much time with these ppl.
(**)- wai's usual expression.

watch the movie. gtg now. ciaoz ppl.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Death list

i hereby charge these person(s) of crimes against humanity-namely ME.

  1. George Bush (God will do it)
  2. Saddam Hussein (God will also do it)
  3. Christpher Ong Chin Wai a.k.a the fly (ohhh you're sooooo gonna get it mr)
  4. to be continued...

Justin: You're extreeeeemely close to being no.4

haha...the exact nature of crimes committed by these villains, i will not disclose. unless of course it comes out in an article in NEWSWEEK or something; for which no. 1 and no. 2 it has already been done.

n0. 3 however. que: jaws soundtrack. be afraid. be VERY afraid.

Disclaimer: this particular blog is done in jest and i do not harbour any malice towards these people. or do i? muahahahhaa. and yes, i suddenly have a penchant for the jaws soundtrack, so sue me.

Can you spell F-U-N?

Yesterday was FUN. Using two cars we drove for lunch at some chinese yong tau fu place and ate lunch. while we were busy muching, wai whipped out his dvcam and asked us "tell us about the best day of your life?" and proceeded to do that 70's show thing where the camera goes round the table focussing on each person one by one. no one could really seem to remember the best day of their lives. mmm. maybe it hasnt happened yet. food was so-so, but the company was funny. found out wai also likes brinjal. haha. great minds think alike.

wai's car: me, iris, justin and nick
ivan's car: the phoonlets -jason and julian.

We group of 8 went up to genting highlands for a day trip. had mega fun goofing off with the camera and videocam. u know, i think im turning into a camwhore. being around with these ppl for prolonged amounts of time has turned me into one of them! *gasp* ive realised im not so shy in front of the videocam anymore. i mean, its all in the name of fun right? i've learned to accept my physical flaws...or at least ignore it! as sze wuen-she's in oz- says: aiya! nobody will notice it if YOU dont notice it. but it really is quite liberating once you've broken out of your self-concious box. all we gotta do is turn ivan into a camwhore..whoa. not an easy task i should say.

Returned to low-altitude kl by 7pm and had dinner with nick, justin and jason. wai joined us later. had a good time chatting with them about everything and nothing at all. haha. all of us shared our childhood experiences. *wags finger at wai* haha. it was nice la. just chilling with music playing in the backgrd as two indonesians(i think) were busking nearby.

Wai sent me home and had an encouraging talk with him as he shared his experiences abroad and i shared my fears of GOING abroad. We really have quite alot in common its uncanny. haha. i think i'll take him as my mentor. hahaha. no im serious.

Had a weird dream last night. And no, its a secret. que: jaws soundtrack. haha.

check out some of the genting pics at the "iriss" link.
iris: hilarious captions!
julian: update ur blog. or else...haha que: jaws soundtrack.

ciaoz ppl.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

itchy hands follow jason

haha, i TOO want to post 10 random things about myself. ok, i'll upgrade to 20 random things.
  1. I'm very cheong hei. hence, 20! random things.
  2. I played football once, but the sub PE teacher said i played dirty. excuse me? the word is aggressive. i dont wait for the ball to come to me.
  3. I'm too honest for my own good.
  4. I used to bully guys when i was younger.
  5. I like older guys.
  6. In primary school my nickname was Pocahontas. and all i could say to defend myself was " she doesnt have a nose!". how lame.
  7. The lamest pick up line i've ever gottten is " Your're pocahontas, and i'm john smith". (-.-") my gawd. and he got someone else to say it for him.
  8. I'm afraid to grow up because i get the feeling that in the working world no one is sincere. Just a cruel and emotionless rat race.
  9. Sometimes i wonder if my earliest memories are really memories at all. Maybe, just maybe they're dreams masquerading as memories.
  10. I once dreamt i'd french kissed Kevin Richardson of the BSB.
  11. I like to watch extreme sports and i always like to fantasize im one of the athletes.
  12. When i eat, i must occupy myself with something else eg. chat or read.
  13. I cant sit still.
  14. I learned english from the t.v. Who says its an idiot box? but my spelling is out of whack.;p
  15. Since young i've never been afraid of anything. So my mom was shocked when she found out in my teens that i was afraid of cochroaches. There's a story behind this phobia.
  16. I like lleyton hewitt the tennis player. he's passionate and fiery. but i cant play tennis to save my life.
  17. There comes a time-once a month to be exact- where i wish i'd been born a boy. u get my drift?
  18. Depending on my mood, im not shy in opening up to strangers.
  19. I trust too easily.
  20. I made a pact with God that i wont have a boyfriend until im 21, when i was 14(what was i thinking? haha). ive broken it once. but He forgives; so 2 more yrs to go wa-hey! Lord give me strength. I figured if we are meant to be, we'll be. just not before 21. heehee.

asleep yet? no? how bout another 20? okayyy. i'll spare u.

She's on a high, on a high...

Cheer 2005 has come and gone. My sis's cheer team the BLITZERZ got 2nd place behind dynamitez. they partied after the event. and today, she's in school.

reality bites. ouch.


ive been to cheer events a few times before, but this is by far the fun-est and most gan-cheong one. maybe cos ive emotionally invested more into this yr's cheer as my sis's team is in it after a dissapointing run last yr(they were robbed, i tell u ;p) and also because a bunch of loud mouth guys were with me. aiyak, my ears :) hey guys(u know who u r), u scream like a bunch of girls..kakakaka..nola. Blitzerz were great. strong routine, sharp moves and a fanatic crowd cheering for them. yea, as if i know anything bout the technicalities of cheerleading. berlagak saja. hahaha.

and Dynamitez, a team that, thus far, had always been the bridesmaid but never the bride, finally got married. go dynamitez! take that shirtliff! haha..sorry la..once a dj-ian always a dj-ian. it was quite weird tho, cheering for my sis team in her school's supporters box when my old school supporters were sitting right next to it. it was proven that i still had the dj-ian spirit in me when i-sitting in the blitzerz section at the back row- suddenly screamed out "dynamitez!!!" . whoops *sheepish grin*. sorry-la, it was an accident. luckily no one heard me. i think. after i got that out of my system i never mentioned them again. as they say, out with the old, in with the new. har-di-har-har.

joey g: tall, lean with a gorgeous smile (someone said: tight arse) . *sigh* damn, he went off so fast i didnt get a snap with him. dang it. haha, i heard that on saturday, everybody was crowding around him for autographs and hardly anyone wanted jien's. heehee.

oh and i have pics of my scalies here, take a look.

i actually have more but the stupid image upload function wont put it in. :'(

jia lin: hope u enjoyed yourself. haha.