Wednesday, September 14, 2005


We have decided to wait till im 21.


we apologise that as leaders we didnt act apropriately.

i am sorry if i stumbled anyone.

ok i wanted to post longer but this 56k modem is getting on my NERVES.

ok the cheong hei po within is just DYING to get out..

rippp* argh she's loose, she's loose!

i thank GOD for his perfect timing(it's an inside thing so dont bother trying to understand ;p), i thank GOD for friends who care. for people who do what needs to be done and not whisper behind my back how dissapointed they are, yadi yadi yada. dont get me wrong tho. the mistake was all mine an im not blaming anyone. im just thankful for friends who tell it to your face. friends who dont want to see you make the mistakes they made.

i thank GOD for my sisters at CBC. and my REAL sister too :) they were the catalysts, in a way.

i really admire the strong women of CBC: jen ling, esther and my cuz iris. women of faith.

i want to be a woman of faith too, therefore im leaving it up to GOD. i'll do what i can but the rest is in his hands.

and i thank GOD for *him*. through this ive learned 1st hand the importance of loving/liking someone who is equally yolked. someone who will understand right off the bat when u tell him your reasons. someone who'll readily admit his mistake. someone who will pray a prayer of repentance with you. someone who will wait.

I shall wait on God. and listen for his answer.