Friday, February 17, 2006

St Vals

oops wai looks like someone beat ya to it ;p

Haha nola, these two guys i know went around the student village distributing roses to all the chicks they knew. what sweeties :)

on another note:

it either sounds extremely corny or extremely crude depending on your perception -_-""

hope you guys had a rockin' valentines. i know one of my blood relatives did *hint* *hint* CONGRATS thunderbird! hahahaha.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Goodbyes are always hard to do

growing up isnt easy. i'll soon be 2-0 but thats beside the point *chuckle*. growing up means change, more often than not it means seperation from dear friends due to study commitments.

VERY SOON, 4 FAB girls will leave malaysia to seek fortune and guai lo bfs on Oz soil *chuckle* and i will miss them. i know it sounds corny but, my heart is filled with regret that i didnt spend more time with them before i left. well, wtv it is i just hope that when we do finally have the chance to meet up we'd be able to get on as if we were back in high school wearing our baju-kurungs, having "tea-times" in the girls toilet and 24/7 mega laughing sessions still VERY audible 3 classes down and having our own classmates think we were on some dubious substance ;p

these are some of the girls that made high school a BLAST!

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Lulu and Chingz :) i heart them. i will miss our girly chats, crapping sessions and soya bean bottle bashing ;p remember? kekeke. it was a soya bean bottle right? its too bad the trip to pangkor never materialised. oh well, when we're all rich and famous and can pay our own way to barbados huh, ladies?

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Jials :) i will miss her sarcasm, naivete, dududus and general denial of things, her cheerfulness and ability to laugh louder than me :P though she thinks she some black nigga ill always heart her. cept not in public *snigger* heck i think ill even miss your noseless bear

last but DEFINATELY not least.

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Kim a.k.a fei po :P
ei, but only i can call her that so dont YOU dare.
i will miss your insults and i bet you'll miss mine too. though you have so many fans...or more appropriately "fansi" hopefully you'll find time in your busy schedule to accomodate me.. its been a pleasure insulting zai zai and F4 in front of your face and i will miss those times of hysterical laughter :)

im really sorry i cant see you lang luis off but as you can see..erm well, id have to swim a heck of a long way just to see you guys LEAVE. hahaha

but before you guys jet, id just like to say that its been gangster having you guys be a part of my life *ahem* and i wish you guys ALL THE BEST and the brightest future in Oz :)

and for those of you who are afraid of change and away from the security of your home, well all i can say is if change is inevitable why not make the most of it? swallow your shyness and inhibitions for a second, make a friend and the rest will work itself out :) just remember, everyone is just as terrified as you so dont fret ma dears ;p

- sometimes, we surprise ourselves and in fact, we ARE ready for change -

i will miss you chiccas :)

on a side note, though its not the 1st time shes leaving but i wont be able to see this woman in a very long time

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Funz- the hot stuff in blue, my best friend :)
someone whom i can talk about absolutely anything and everything under the sun.
someone who got me hooked on footie and more specifically LIVERPOOL.
someone who i know like the back of my hand.
my oldest friend.

i miss our sleepovers, screaming "go liverpool, go gerrard, go garcia" in the middle of the night, non-stop watching of taiwanese and canto serials and endless midnight gossiping and remenising of primary school days.
someone whos been with me through all my phases, knows who ive ever liked and even felt betrayed when i stopped liking lleyton hewitt. kekeke. sorry hun, but married men have no market value :P with garcia being the exception. hahahaha

ok im really not done. but i have to stop here lest i feel the urge to add anymore to the list. PLUS im watching marmalade boy again. youtube is totally addictive *shakes head*

adios amigos

Friday, February 10, 2006

Didja miss me? what? no? darn.

Tomorrow @ friday 7.30pm is my dance performance. its called FUSION and im in the hip hop team.

wish me luck ppl! ;p

its gonna ROCK!

and if im in the mood a.k.a am ready to face hysterical laughter i'll post up a pic of my costume. :P

there'll be a DVD!

in the words of kdrama : AZA AZA FIGHTING! -_-"

iris-o, i updated. sorry chook no refunds. kakaka