Saturday, May 24, 2008

I should be studying dammit!

JOSIAH LEMING, birthed from the rejection from American Idol but evolved into an overnight phenomenon with a voice that finally found its place.

Although it is old news and I only discovered his existance after all had been said and done about the Story of Josiah, the boy who lived in his car for 10 months, risking everything for a singular passion for his music, eager to share it with anyone and everyone who would listen.

I for one am glad that he never got through to the top 24 of American Idol because I think that his, for lack of a better word, limited vocal range wouldnt be able to compete with the BIG and more mainstream voices of the other contestants on such a mainstream show. I also think he cant and shouldnt sing any song but his own, which weirdly enough is meant to be a compliment (;p). So he's a little pitchy, so he doesnt sing like David Archuleta, but sometimes theres something beautiful in a being a little pitchy, something exciting in a little rebellion from cookie-cutter melodies, something extremely engaging in not having a perfect techique.

Personally, David Archuleta bored me. I mean no disrespect to his talent but hmm.. everyone and anyone who has talent all seem to sound like that lah. Ballads just seem so safe and bland and overused, not to mention overplayed. NEXT! (David Cook on the other hand rocked all the songs that were thrown his way and made it his own. He had me at Billie Jean :) Dang! I just wish he wasnt an American Idol, i mean exposure is good, winning it, eh not so good. But thats another story for another day)

Josiah's voice is incredibly beautiful- raw and haunting but I think it is his self-penned lyrics that really complete him and complement his voice. I believe it is his vulnerable, unadulterated and soulful lyrics that allow his voice to come full circle. There's something about the way he writes and expresses himself that is really easy for me to relate to, even though i've never even experienced half of the emotions/experiences displayed in his writing, and it manages to be abstract and artistic but not to the point where i dont know what the hell he's talking about.

Its also funny to see how Josial Leming is American, speaks with a Tennessee(did i spell that right?) drawl but sings with a British accent. Lol, really you can actually hear Snow patrol, Coldplay and a little bit of Travis in his voice when he sings. Maybe thats why I like him so much.

He sings with his heart on his sleeve and to see him play the piano with such fevour and madness really is amazing to watch. However, I'm slightly irked by the fact that he bears an eerie resemblance to Jesse mcCartney and no, I dont find either of them attractive, not bad looking, just not my cup of tea *wink*.

Moving on, I am really glad he's got a recording contract (with Warner Bros) although I do wish he had signed with an indie record label instead because then you'd know without a doubt he would be allowed more artistic freedom which may not neccessarily gel with a more mainstream audience.

But you take what you can get in life and well, I'd say he's doing pretty darn well for himself right now.

I'll leave you with some clips of his songs (i love all of them- the ones that he wrote)

SERIOUSLY THEY COULD BE SINGLES ALREADY! im definately getting his album.

Friday, May 16, 2008

far from a letdown


I've been waiting for SUCH a long time to watch this, ever since i saw the trailer before its release.. didnt get to watch it when it finally made its way into theatres, forgot why..

but after a 3 year wait and increasing expectations of blinding brilliance and tantalising twists, i am STOKED to say that the movie DID NOT dissapoint. In fact i was kept on the edge of my seat...



but dont say i didnt warn ya.






yea i was probably kept on the edge the whole time because i was afraid that they'd actually show his genitilia being mutilated/castrated on screen.

and they did show abit.. a blurred, bloody sight in the background LOL

omg everytime i see a guy's schlong it usually involves some sort of mutilation or torture..

HOSTEL 2 anyone? that scarred me for LIFE.

im gonna be so messed up when i grow up... (conviniently ignores the fact that she's already 22, heehee)


ELLEN PAGE'S performance was AWESOME, TOTALLY BELIEVABLE, i'd say i preferred her in HARD CANDY than i did in JUNO.. but then again, the former is more my kinda movie than the latter anyway, not that i didnt like juno.. but


thats my take on movie genres anyway

im so in the mood to list all the psychological thrillers i wanna watch: (lol)

1. FUNNY GAMES (1997 - Original German version)

2. The strangers ( US remake of Funny games, soon to be released)

3. Ishii the Killer

4. Sympathy for Mr Vengeance ( have already seen the 2nd and 3rd installments of the trilogy, one word, AWESOME!)

5. The Audition

6. 13 Beloved

7. American Psycho

8. The shining

9. Jacob's Ladder

YES i'm aware that most of them are really old, and its a disgrace that i havent seen these :p

SIGH why are there no job vacancies for a MOVIE BUM

Monday, May 12, 2008



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This past year has been really harsh as i face up to my inadequacies, my arrogance, my lack of interest and drive, and my constant excuses. A humbling experience. A depressing experience. A breakdown of relatively major proportions.

"Don't dwell on the should haves and could haves. Bring God into your NOWS, and your future.."
- sms from mom.

This is why i love my mom :) she's my rock and emotional support, and right now, the mediator between me and the big Guy "above" ( "above" really is an incorrect albeit commonly used analogy, more like around, beside and within, in every breath, every tear, every laughter, He just IS)

due to my rusty ties(in the process of rebuilding) with God, my mom has been reminding me of His good graces and mercies and guiding me.

My mom has never failed to call me everytime i sent out an sms of distress..I think I've spoken to my mom more in the past few weeks than i ever have in my 3 years abroad. Anywhere, anytime.. she never fails to call me, to comfort me, to calm me down and get me to refocus on the task at hand. No I TOLD YOU SOs, no chiding me for reverting to a blubbering mess akin to a 2 year old.

Thank you Lord for my mommy :)

When you've cut your ties with God, and rely on your own strength and get too arrogant, He humbles you (kao kao :p) yet reaches out to you through someone. And that someone, in this case, is my MOM.

Thanks, mom.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

oi! look here lah

Many a topless man walk by my kitchen window..

too bad its not to throw flirty glances at me.


ah, Spring.

p/s: and with just a playful tap on the shoulder, she feels pretty again...desirable even.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cartwheels in the sun

emphasis on FINALLY
and flip-flops is the name of the game.

air those pretty toes people, and wtv else you're prepared to air LOL- Viewer discretion advised.
just realised that Jason Mraz sounds so effeminate when he speaks. no where near as bad as Beckham though.


P/S: the sun only shows itself just when we're required to be indoors slogging through assignments and mugging for the upcoming exams. HARRUMMPH. CIS BEDEBAH!

let me leave you with a pic of Rhossilli Bay on a summer's day:

Now, my chickies, i am forced to shall continue my Engineering Management ASSignment.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Small world and inaccurate first impressions

Youtube - the mecca of all things random and thus the source of delightfully free entertainment..

was getting my one-off dose of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT on youtube and stumbled across this:

the moment he said "dancing on the streets of Manc", i did a double take and suddenly remembered HEY I SAW THIS DUDE!

i was visitng justin last summer and he took me to Manchester for a compulsory DIMSUM fix and we saw this kid streetdancing in the middle of town and obviously i was awe/dumbstruck and immediately thought to myself regretfully, 'this is where im meant to be, vibrant, colourful, artsy-fartsy Manc..' (most of you knw i love dance)

then my eyes wandered to the buckets on the floor around him trying to pry spare change from spectators, saw his extended family that were there, and straightaway my cynicism got the better of me and thoughts like
'MAN this woman is pimping her son for chump change'

'the things ppl make their kids do just cos they're too lazy to work'

i mean this kid was dancing his ass off and he was GOOD, i've seen better but you know still good wei, better than what i could ever churn out. hahaha..

in the end i did give some of my spare change cos i really, really enjoyed his perf and wanted to encourage him. Besides, some part of me always feels like im violating and taking advantage of the perfomer when i watch but dont pay. LOL man, strip clubs would love me! LOLOLOL.

Anyway, lo and behold, the vid above proves how first impressions tend to be way of the mark! He was busking to earn money for his own dance classes and petrol money for his mom cos his family isnt well-off... seriously kudos to him man, he has the initiative and is self-sufficient with talent to boot.

Hopefully he goes all they way to performing in front of the Queen!

still, I seriously dont get why Brits love their royals so much hehe..must be a Malaysian thing..

This was his first audtion in 2007

he's not ALL THAT but i like a story about hope, an underdog tirelessly fighting through adversity and never giving up as much as the next person.